March 1, 2021

Enjoy Life’s Little Moments With A New York Boudoir Photoshoot

“Mystery, confidence, and elegance!” Ms. K said as we emailed back and forth about her upcoming boudoir photo shoot. She was describing her definition of sexy, and I couldn’t help but think YES, YES, YES to her choice of words! I was also really excited when she told me about her biggest inspirations – Monica Bellucci, Lauren Bacall and Lana Del Rey. Monica and Lauren are amazing. And FYI – I love to play Lana Del Rey during some of my boudoir sessions. I made a note to make sure she was playing for Ms. K’s!

Ms. K was traveling from Washington D.C. for a New York boudoir photoshoot, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to meet her. I knew right away that we would become friends.

“It most definitely has been quite the year – ooof, if only it was all just a dream,” Ms. K wrote me. “I’ve become closer with my family since quarantine, and even through the uncertainty of everything, I was able to spend a lot of time with myself and found a lot of peace.”

I found myself agreeing with her. Personally, I’ve never had so much time to spend with my own family, and I think these are definitely the positive times we will always remember when we look back at the pandemic. This time has certainly taught us to appreciate everything we have – including our own selves. Before Covid, it was so easy to get lost in the hustle of every day life. If anything good has come out of this, it has taught us to slow down and enjoy the little moments (like Ms. K was able to do at her boudoir shoot). Speaking of… Aren’t her photos absolutely GORGEOUS?

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After her boudoir session, Ms. K had this to say:

“As soon as I saw Evgenia’s work a few years ago, I was absolutely enamored with her artistic style and ability to capture so much emotion in her photographs. I’ve been a HUGE fan for a while now. I finally booked myself a boudoir session with her and it definitely won’t be the last! This was the most luxurious thing I’ve ever done for myself and it was SO incredibly worth it! She was so responsive from the moment I inquired to the delivery of my products.

I have a tendency to be a bit of a worrier and have always struggled with my self-esteem, but Evgenia was always there to answer any questions I had and she made sure that the day of my shoot was flawless!

As soon as I got to her gorgeous and luxurious studio, my nerves quickly melted away. Evgenia and her hair and make-up artist are warm, personable, and make you feel instantly at ease and welcome! Once the shoot started, I got a chance to pick out a couple of outfits from her client closet and WOW some of those pieces she has, I guarantee you have never seen before! Her talent, style, studio, wardrobe, everything was so delicate, elegant, and beautiful. Truly an experience unlike any other. The photos turned out more breathtaking than I thought possible and I sincerely cannot wait to book her again in 2022! Thank you so much, Evgenia!”

Are you ready to make some beautiful memories in 2021 with a New York boudoir photoshoot?

Contact me and let’s talk about your dream boudoir session! I promise it will be one of the most fulfilling and exciting days – one you’ll always look back on with so much happiness.