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April 21, 2017

What Does a Boudoir Photo Session Involve?

Stunning woman posing in red lingerie in a NYC hotel room


Are you curious about boudoir photography?

Have you seen photos from any boudoir session shoots?  If you have, you might be wondering what a session like this involves. Maybe you know a girl who is about to be married and you’d like to get her a boudoir shoot as a gift. Or perhaps you are pregnant and you want to have a lovely memory of your blossoming body. If so, chances are that you’re wondering what to expect from a boudoir photo shoot. What is it really like to be front of a camera?

*Hint, hint: It’s as sexy and thrilling as you imagined! Want to see? Take a look for yourself, and watch my new boudoir video right here!


Model faces the camera during an intimate photo session


Still have questions about your NYC boudoir session?

Sure, my new video is a great example of how our time together goes, but let’s break the day down a little bit more. To be honest, everything actually begins way before you even walk through the door.


A woman poses in a luxury NY boudoir shoot


In fact, as soon as you book a session with me, I’ll send you my Boudoir Pinterest Guide to give you creative ideas about what you might want to wear, how you may want your hair and makeup to look, and how you may want to pose. I recommend that you spend some time looking through everything to see what you like and don’t like. Then, we’ll talk about what you found.


Woman posing in a NYC hotel room at a boudoir shoot


I’ll also spend some time chatting with you about your makeup and hair – two key elements when it comes to capturing amazing photos. I do recommend having both makeup and hair professionally done. If you’re interested, I have a brilliant studio hair and makeup artist who has years of experience in boudoir, wedding and special events makeup. Trust me, she is a rock star when it comes to what works best in front of a camera! However, if you have a hair and makeup artist that you prefer to use, that will be totally fine as well.


A woman in a boudoir pose laying on a bed


Once the big day arrives, we’ll meet, talk and laugh. Yes, I said laugh! I know you’ll probably be a little (or a lot) nervous before we begin, but please realize that nerves are totally natural. I have heard some women worry that they’ll be the first person that I won’t be able to photograph. Believe me, this will not happen. Rest assured that I’ll be giving you guidance each and every little step of the way… so instead of worrying, get ready to wow!


Woman posing with her arm above her head wearing black lingerie


Before I start taking photos, we’ll have a wardrobe consultation and I’ll show you some poses that will look incredible for your shots. I will coach you throughout the shoot so that you know what to do. So don’t worry about needing to know what looks best. I will take care of everything for you. My goal is to give you a really diverse set of images that you will cherish for life.


A woman wearing black lingerie during an intimate photoshoot in NY


When the shoot is over, you’ll realize how fast time flew, and you’ll be a little sad that it’s over. But that’s ok, because you can book more shoots in the future! Did I mention: Boudoir can be addicting!


A beautiful woman in bed wearing red lingerie


Interested in booking a NYC boudoir session with me?

Let’s chat soon! Contact me today and let me show you how boudoir can transform you – inside and out.


Intimate NYC boudoir session with a beautiful model


* We respect our clients’ privacy and never share images without a written consent.


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