May 4, 2018

What Will Boudoir Be For You?

There are so many reasons to do a boudoir photography session. In fact, there’s probably as many reasons as there are different personalities! We’re all seeking something unique on our own journeys though life.

One thing is for sure though: Boudoir is so much more than sexy photos. It’s much bigger than that, and its effects last far beyond the day of the shoot.


nyc boudoir shoot

Woman posing for a boudoir session in New York City

An up close boudoir photo


Boudoir is the first few steps on the path to self love and confidence. It’s a catalyst for changing the way you see yourself in the mirror. It’s a way to grow into an incredible someone you didn’t realize you were. Once you take boudoir photos, there’s no going back to the person who didn’t like the wrinkles around her eyes or the curves of her hips. Somehow, once you try boudoir, you start to embrace the features you once thought were flaws. You begin to realize that you should take risks more often, laugh as much as possible, and enjoy every single moment. In reality, boudoir is a priceless experience… the beautiful photos are just a plus!


A model posing in black lingerie

A woman taking wedding boudoir photos in NYC

Posing for photos in sexy lingerie


My gorgeous client Rachel recently took boudoir photos for herself, but a special someone will also get to share in her achievement. When she first contacted me, she said:

“I so want to to do this!!!!! I’m getting married June 28th in Punta Cana and would love to give my new husband a book of pictures as a present. Three words that define my version of sexy are seductive, fierce, and steamy.”

We setup her photoshoot in a hotel room overlooking New York City and pampered her with an amazing hair and makeup session. In her own words:

“Evgenia made me feel so comfortable and walked me through the entire process as well as each and every pose. It’s not easy getting naked in front of a stranger yet she made you feel beautiful and made the whole experience fun leaving you wishing that you had time for more photos!! I felt like I was posing on top of the world way up high overlooking the city! Nothing was more exhilarating and fun! Thank you for this experience! I would HIGHLY recommend you to anyone looking for this type of experience.”


Posing for a boudoir session

A model posing for a boudoir shoot in a NY hotel

A sexy wedding boudoir photo

Want to see how boudoir can change your life?

Let me show you! When you contact me, I’ll walk you through each step of the process so it won’t seem scary at all. I know it does sound intimidating when you think about stripping in front of a stranger to take photos. But by the time we get to that point, we’ll feel like old friends. In fact, why not join my private Facebook group first and get to know me (as well as my current and prospective new clients) a bit more? And if you’re worried about feeling awkward when it comes to posing — don’t be! I’ll coach you through each pose, so you never have to think about anything but having fun.

Yes, boudoir is something different to everyone. Let’s find out what it can be for you!







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