September 11, 2014

I am a 2 piece kinda girl!

Collage 1

I think I already mentioned how I totally love maternity sessions!  specially the one where there is just the mom to be – relaxed, comfortable and ready to create some amazing images!  I suggest scheduling these sessions when you are about 7 months along as it gets too uncomfortable to do it closer to the due date (trust me, I know , been there, done that ;).  Don’t hide your beauty behind some awkward lingerie, do something sexy, 2 piece, hell, even 1 piece will do 🙂

Collage 4 Collage 5 Maternity-Session-EvgeniaRibinik-NewYork-Kasey-0001 Maternity-Session-EvgeniaRibinik-NewYork-Kasey-0003 Maternity-Session-EvgeniaRibinik-NewYork-Kasey-0004 Maternity-Session-EvgeniaRibinik-NewYork-Kasey-0007 Maternity-Session-EvgeniaRibinik-NewYork-Kasey-0008 Maternity-Session-EvgeniaRibinik-NewYork-Kasey-0011 Maternity-Session-EvgeniaRibinik-NewYork-Kasey-0013 Maternity-Session-EvgeniaRibinik-NewYork-Kasey-0040 Maternity-Session-EvgeniaRibinik-NewYork-Kasey-0041 Maternity-Session-EvgeniaRibinik-NewYork-Kasey-0050



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