May 5, 2016

My Take On The Boudoir Session

How a professional boudoir photography looks like?

I have been shooting boudoir for a few years now. You might think a professional boudoir photographer would be tired and out of ideas, but it’s actually quite the opposite! I get so excited every time a new client contacts me for an intimate photography session. I love discussing outfits with them and reassuring them about any insecurities that they may have. I live for the moments that they open up to me and feel comfortable. I watch women transform. Many clients start out nervous, self-conscious and shy. Then they turn into free-spirited, confident women with glowing auras and beaming smiles. These women – who once stood in front of me in their underwear trying to cover themselves – actually begin dancing around (sometimes naked)! Boudoir will change you. I have witnessed it over and over. It’s true: The best boudoir photography leaves you feeling confident, sexy & empowered.

Kirby 18 Kirby 19

If I could, I would shoot my boudoir sessions in black and white.  Black and white gives such a timeless feel to any boudoir photograph.

Kirby 20 Kirby 21


Kirby 22



Kirby 23


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