August 10, 2018

Regain Confidence With Boudoir Photography!

I don’t feel so great about myself anymore.

When was the last time you thought this? Believe me, Ladies, everyone struggles with confidence at one time or another. This is true no matter what you look like or how successful you are. Sometimes we just don’t feel our best, and we wonder how we got to this point. How are we supposed to snap out of this mindset and see the beauty in our lives and in ourselves?

By having confidence… that’s how!


regain confidence

Brooklyn boudoir photography


“I lost my mother a couple of years ago, gained considerable weight and felt deeply insecure about my body,” Miss K wrote in her review of our recent boudoir session. “Yet, I wanted to take boudoir photos for my partner’s 50th birthday. I wanted to give him a special gift, but I also wanted to remind myself that my beauty is still there, no matter my weight.”

Not only did I find Miss K to be absolutely gorgeous, but I also discovered that she’s incredibly smart. She knows that beautiful women come in every shape and size. It’s not about the size you wear — it’s how you wear your size. And if you have curves, why not flaunt them?!


A boudoir photo shoot in NY

a black and white boudoir photo


“When I found Evgenia’s website, I was literally stunned by her work. She captures the profound beauty and femininity of all women’s bodies. The poses she envisions captures the magic of every shape and every curve. When I first saw the final photo gallery, it was as if I was seeing my body for the very first time. The magic she captures is not only a testament to her skill, but her warm and comforting disposition. She artfully incorporated special mementos I brought to the session, and also graciously incorporated poses that I envisioned.

Though she is too kind and humble to ever take credit, Evgenia helped me to regain my confidence during one of the most challenging, but special times in my life. I am forever grateful to her skill, her art and her disposition. I want her to photograph all of the special moments in my life!”


curvy boudoir photos

NYC boudoir session



Thank you for your kind words, Miss K! I’m so honored to have had the opportunity to capture this time in your life. Your partner is going to adore these sexy images! When I was taking these photos, I could see your confidence blooming right in front of the camera. That’s one of my favorite parts of being a boudoir photographer — getting to witness these game changing moments when women remember exactly who they are.

Ready to regain your confidence too?

First, join my private Facebook group for women. We chat about confidence, body image, beauty and more. Then, let’s take some boudoir photos! Contact me and let’s get started on this journey to finding your best self yet!




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