January 28, 2020

The Most Romantic Valentine’s Gift For Her Is Right Here.

February 14. One could argue that there was never a day filled with so much excitement for women… and stress for men! I feel your pain, guys. I really do. Just when you thought you outdid yourself at the holidays, you need to come up with the most romantic Valentine’s gift for her. Sure, there’s the usual small luxuries like jewelry, roses and chocolates. But you’re feeling bored of the same old thing, and you have a feeling she is too. You want to give her something priceless. A trip to Paris may be out of the question, but…

May I suggest a boudoir photoshoot?

Before your jaw drops, before you say that she would never pose in sexy lingerie in front of a total stranger… hear me out. The fact that she normally wouldn’t do something like this is the very reason she should. Your girlfriend or wife may never show cleavage in everyday life. She might not rock crop tops or backless dresses. But whether she’s a mom or a boss babe (or both), I’m willing to bet she admires empowered women and wants to feel empowered too.

valentines day gifts for wife
valentine's day gift for girlfriend

That’s where you come in. You can give her the priceless gift of empowerment. Talk about a romantic Valentine’s gift for her! A boudoir session is all about her. It’s 100% her day. She’ll get papered, look amazing and feel the best she’s ever felt. I know to you, she’s the sexiest thing ever – even when she’s wearing sweats and a messy bun. But she may not always feel that way. This year, let her see herself through your eyes. Show her exactly why you think she’s the most incredible human being you’ve ever met.

unique valentine's day gift
nyc valentines day gift
nyc valentine's day gift

And if she really doesn’t want to pose in lingerie or nude, that’s ok. She can go for a cute look with boy shorts. Or an elegant look with a dress. She can wrap herself up in a sheet, wear a robe, or choose something straight out of my studio’s lingerie closet. There is no pressure to be anything but exactly who she is!

february 14
nyc boudoir photography
valentine photo shoot

This year, I’ve made Valentine’s Day stress-free for you! Did I mention she can have her hair and makeup done right in my studio too? So guys, this is my Valentine’s Day gift to you. Contact me if you want to make this February 14 the day you show her how priceless she is to you!

PS. The bonus gift is that you get to cherish her photos too!


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