August 2, 2021

My Top 5 Self Care Tips

If I haven’t mentioned it before – both of my daughters are in competitive gymnastics. Recently, they were so bummed about Simone Biles unexpectedly withdrawing from competition at the Tokyo Olympic Games. That is, until we heard why.

“The outpouring love & support I’ve received has made me realize I’m more than my accomplishments and gymnastics which I never truly believed before,” Biles wrote to her online fans.

This is such a HUGE reminder that self care is how you take your power back. And it’s a reminder that we are ALL way more than our accomplishments, our jobs, where we live or what we wear. When it boils down to it… We’re just people with feelings.

Simone’s actions are showing women and men of all ages, all over the world that it’s ok to NOT be ok and to ask for help when we need it. That’s what makes us human!

“Put mental health first because if you don’t, you’re not going to enjoy your sport and you’re not going to succeed as much as you want to,” Simone said. “So, it’s okay sometimes to even sit out the big competitions to focus on yourself because it shows how strong of a competitor and a person that you really are, rather than just battle through it.”

Self care isn’t selfish.

Now maybe we aren’t Olympic gymnasts or even athletes for that matter. But as busy women, we all daydream about taking a break every once in a while. Let’s be honest, though – how many of us actually do it? Thanks to our jam-packed work schedules and family obligations, most of us tend to place self care on the back burner. And that’s harmful to our health. If we’ve learned anything from Simone, it’s this: The next time you’re feeling run-down and overwhelmed, just ask yourself if it’s time for a little self care.

The act of self care is simply showing some love and compassion to yourself. We all deserve it, and it’s certainly not selfish. Once you get on a weekly schedule of making time for yourself, it doesn’t take long to notice your positivity levels rising. If you’re feeling exhausted, unwell, or even uninspired right now, check out my top 5 self care tips below. My hope is that they’ll help you get and maintain better physical, emotional, and mental health.

self care tips

#1 – Get regular exercise

I find that exercise is the ultimate form of self care. It’s basically therapy for the mind, body, and soul all at once. You may not always feel like doing it at first, but once you do, you tend to feel more upbeat. Not only that, but exercising boosts your confidence, improves sleep, reduces stress levels, and even reduces the risk of some illnesses. Best of all – you feel mentally better about yourself knowing that you’re taking care of your body!

#2 – Create a cozy space

Nothing beats coming home to a cozy space. You can turn your home into a self care sanctuary by buying a few comfort items like a super luxurious bed and sofa. You can also get some great aromatherapy items, home décor, and more to make your space feel like your own personal oasis. I took this advice with my new boudoir studio. It’s my hope that the atmosphere in my studio makes my clients feel totally relaxed and inspired. Check out some of the photos below!

a boudoir session in brooklyn, nyc
a boudoir model in ny

#3 – Meditate

One of my favorite self care tips is to practice meditation. Meditation allows you to slow down your thoughts and quiet your mind. I’ve found that it helps relieve stress and promotes emotional stability. The best part is that this form of self care only takes a few minutes of your day, yet the benefits can still be felt even when you’re not meditating.

#4 – Hit the spa

Spa days let you unwind in total relaxation and offer you a little bit of solace from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Luxury massages, saunas, and skin treatments make you feel good about yourself, and the benefits are more than skin deep. A day at the spa can put your mind into deep relaxation mode.

self care tips include trying a boudoir photoshoot
modeling lingerie at a boudoir photoshoot
boudoir photographer in ny

#5 – One of my top self care tips: Booking a boudoir session

I may be biased, but one of my top picks for self care is to do a boudoir photo shoot. Yes, it’s as luxurious and as decadent as it sounds. It’s one of the few times that you actually get to pamper yourself from head to toe, wear some of the most gorgeous lingerie from the lingerie closet of your dreams, and have your hair and makeup done by a professional artist. Maybe you just got in shape, or you’re getting married soon. Maybe you’re healing from trauma, wishing to feel better about yourself, or going through a major life change. It really doesn’t matter the reason… Boudoir is a fabulous way to practice self care.

Life might be tough at times, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy it to the fullest and do your best to take care of what’s most important – You! Contact me today and let’s talk self care tips, boudoir photoshoots and more!