May 1, 2014

session at home


Collage 3

This beauty was as stunning on my boudoir maternity shoot as she was the day we captured her wedding!  Melanie wanted to do a simple session at home – no frills or special effects, just her amazing beauty of future motherhood, 2 awesome dogs and the cleverly designed baby section that her hubby and her put so lovingly together.  We had so much fun – was too sad to finish the session but the images captured the mood and the beauty perfectly!

MelanieBumpSession-0025 MelanieBumpSession-0028 MelanieBumpSession-0030 MelanieBumpSession-0036 MelanieBumpSession-0039 MelanieBumpSession-0050 MelanieBumpSession-0057 MelanieBumpSession-0059 MelanieBumpSession-0082 MelanieBumpSession-0086 MelanieBumpSession-0089 MelanieBumpSession-0090 MelanieBumpSession-0093 MelanieBumpSession-0101 MelanieBumpSession-0106 MelanieBumpSession-0107 MelanieBumpSession-0109 MelanieBumpSession-0116 MelanieBumpSession-0125 Collage 1 Collage 2