May 18, 2018

Change Your Life When You Take Care Of Yourself

“I never have time for myself.”

“I work and take care of my family. When am I supposed to have some me time?”

“I’m totally burned out. I feel terrible.”

Unfortunately, these statements are pretty common for us women these days. Trying to juggle our day-to-day responsibilities can be quite a challenge, and can leave us with very little time to unwind. The problem with this is that it’s not healthy – mentally or physically. If we don’t take the time to de-stress, we lose the opportunity to re-energize and find a sense of peace and balance in our lives.


A boudoir photography session in a NYC hotel

Brooklyn boudoir photography


So why can’t we learn put ourselves first once in a while? When I talk to other women about this, they sometimes say that they feel selfish or guilty for doing so. We definitely need to break that thought process and remember to take care of ourselves too. After all, if we are no good to ourselves, we will eventually be no good to others! When you take the time to recharge yourself, you will get back to your responsibilities with more enthusiasm and happiness.


A boudoir session in Industry City

A sexy model posing in black lingerie


Whether your “me time” consists of shopping, working out, chatting with friends or engaging in your favorite hobby, make it your priority to spend a little time on it this week. You’ll feel so much better. And if you want to have the ultimate time to yourself, why not try a boudoir session? There’s no better way to feel fabulous than getting glam and taking some sexy photos.

We’ll make the day all about you. Imagine this: We’ll start out chatting and getting to know each other while you get your hair and makeup done. We’ll talk about what outfits to wear, and I’ll coach you on how to pose so you look incredible in front of the camera. When you leave, you’ll feel the best you have in years… all because you chose to put yourself first. That’s what I love about boudoir photography. It’s an excellent way to escape every day life, even if it’s just for a little while!

Here’s what one of my gorgeous clients had to say about her recent boudoir photography session:

“This experience was so much more for me than just some pretty images that women expect from a session… I never felt sexy enough, pretty enough or womanly enough and seeing how another person (and my future husband) see me gave me so much confidence and appreciation… I will never forget this, Evgenia.”


A sexy photo of a boudoir model


Ready to take care of yourself?

Let me help you! Contact me today to book a boudoir photography session. I’ll show you that it’s really ok to put yourself first. With a little self-care, you’ll be the most amazing version of you possible! What could be better than that?