November 29, 2021

The 7 Best Edgy Boudoir Poses for a Sensual Photoshoot

When some people hear the words “boudoir photography”, they tend to think about soft, feminine, and romantic photos. While there’s certainly a place for that, it’s also possible to create stunning and provocative images that are edgier and even a bit daring. This is exactly how I like to describe my own style! Edgy boudoir poses can transform a woman who is shy or who lacks confidence into someone who feels amazing about her body and who is not afraid to show it off. A great edgy boudoir image has a lot of artistic and technical elements that come together to produce something beautiful and sensual.

When you work with my studio, you don’t have to worry about knowing how to pose because I direct you through the entire session. While doing this, I look for ways to capture your unique personality and amplify your best features. Whether you’re young or old, curvaceous or slim – a boudoir session is an incredible way to celebrate your beauty. There are so many beautiful edgy boudoir poses that I show to my clients, and here are some of my favorites!

#1: The Goddess

The first pose is called the goddess. You stand with your arms raised above your head, palms facing outward. This pose looks incredibly sensual if you’re wearing gorgeous lingerie or have your hair (if it’s long enough) flowing down to your lower back.

edgy boudoir poses

#2: The Standing Pose

For this pose, you stand up straight and make sure to keep your arms at your side. This pose is simple, yet elegant. It’s the perfect portrait pose for those who don’t want a lot going on in their photo, but still want to look edgy and fierce!

boudoir photo poses

#3: Show Off Your Legs Pose

Your legs are one of your best assets! You can’t go wrong when you show them off in a pair of heels and some lingerie (or nothing at all). 

boudoir photography poses

#4: The Arch Pose

This is a very popular pose in boudoir photography. You sit up on your knees, arch your back, and rest your hands in front of you or behind your head.

boudoir poses

#5: The Sitting Shot

For this empowering pose, you can sit down on a stool or chair and adjust your weight so you’re supported by both legs, but leaning slightly forward. 

You can also have one leg crossed over the other, with your hands resting on the sides of your thighs for support. 

chair boudoir poses

#6: The Reclining Pose

This pose is perfect if you want to show off your curves in all their glory! You lay down with one arm draped over your head and the other hand resting near your waistline. Then, bend your legs slightly at your knees.

plus size boudoir poses

#7: The Looking Glass Pose

For this shot, don’t just show off what you’re wearing, show how it makes you feel. To help do this, use a prop that’s inspiring in the photo. For the example below, I decided to shoot next to a mirror because it can symbolize transparency and a reflection of beauty. 

tips for boudoir photography poses

Ready to Try Some Edgy Boudoir Poses at Your Own Photoshoot?

As you can see, the key to creating the perfect boudoir image is posing. The best boudoir poses draw the eye to your body while also flaunting how confident you feel in the moment. Let me help you find the perfect flattering and unique pose for your edgy boudoir shoot. Contact me today!