June 22, 2018

The Evolution Of Sexy

What does sexy mean to you? Curves? Lace lingerie? Washboard abs? I think it’s so interesting to look back on what was considered sexy decades ago, and compare it to today’s definition of sexy. The standard of sexiness has constantly shifted over the course of history, and the media has a lot to do with that. What you see depicted on TV, in magazines, and through photography often sets the ideal for what ‘sexy’ is.


evolution of sexy

sexy woman wearing lingerie


If you think the standards of beauty today make it difficult to have confidence, it was actually pretty tough during the early 1900’s too! I’m sure you’ve heard of the hourglass figure being so popular. During this time, the hourglass figure was considered the standard for sexy. Many women wore boned corsets beneath their dresses in order to maintain beautifully curved figures. Corsets would suck their stomachs in and create the illusion of wider hips and bigger breasts. It was also believed that corsets helped with improving a woman’s posture, which was also considered sexy. Sexy, maybe… but comfortable no!


an up close boudoir photo

a model posing for a boudoir shoot in brooklyn


After the first decade of the 1900s, the concept of sexy evolved some more once cosmetics were introduced to the market. During this time, Max Factor started to produce makeup and other cosmetic products. A lot of women started to get into this trend and used these products to enhance their features. While some women frowned upon the idea of wearing makeup at first, by the 1920s, many of them had joined the cosmetics bandwagon!

Over the next few decades, there were many other ‘sexy’ trends. The boyish figure became popular at one time, with the slim and flat look favored over curves. This trend died down, though, as famous curvy celebrities like Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe came on to the scene.

Today, what is perceived as ‘sexy’ and ‘beautiful’ is continually evolving. From thigh gaps, to curvy figures and all types of skin tones… I like to think that we are lucky to live in this time. It’s simply sexy to JUST BE YOURSELF!


a nude boudoir photo

a beautiful boudoir model


As a boudoir photographer, I’m proud to say that boudoir has played a big role in the evolution of sex appeal. Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly have always been considered classic sex icons mainly due to their sexy photos that have been immortalized. Since boudoir photography came about in the 1920s, it has become an art form and a way to document grace and beauty. Although boudoir photography was first viewed as illegal and synonymous to pornography, views on it have changed, just as people’s ideas of sexy have changed. Today, boudoir photography is not only widely accepted, but it’s celebrated!  Marilyn Monroe, Mae West, Constance Bennett, and other women paved the way for today’s women to celebrate their bodies, no matter what type of bodies they have. Boudoir is the perfect medium to showcase the qualities that make women beautiful and sexy – inside and out.


a sexy boudoir model posing in industry city

a woman at a nyc boudoir shoot

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