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December 22, 2022

Valentine’s Day Boudoir: 6 Reasons To Consider Celebrating With a Unique Photoshoot

Valentine’s day is quickly approaching. 

Have you been going on the same date every Valentine’s day for the last five years? 

Maybe you’re away from your partner and looking to gift yourself a Valentine’s Day present. 

Or, maybe you’re single and just want to show yourself some love. 

Your friends are raving about it, but you’ve never actually considered it — until now. 

Is a Valentine’s Day boudoir shoot right for you? What can you do to boost your confidence beforehand? Keep reading to learn exactly why you should consider a boudoir session this Valentine’s day and what you can do to prepare. 

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valentines day boudoir

Are Valentine’s Day Boudoir Sessions Different Than Traditional Boudoir Sessions?

A Valentine’s Day boudoir session sounds like a great way to shake things up for the upcoming holiday. You’re extremely intrigued, but as you search the internet for more information, one of your biggest questions might be: 

What’s the difference between a Valentine’s Day boudoir session and a traditional session?”

And there really isn’t a cut-and-dry answer. 

Generally, boudoir sessions can be holiday “themed,” but it’s really about YOU, your self-expression, and boosting your confidence.

This doesn’t mean you can’t make Valentine’s Day boudoir untraditional. If you’re planning to book a Valentine’s Day boudoir session and want to make it more focused on the feelings of the day, talk with your photographer. They’ll be happy to brainstorm ways to create a shoot that’s exactly — or better than — how you envision.

valentines day boudoir shoot

6 Reasons To Book a Valentine’s Day Boudoir Photoshoot

#1: Practice Some Self-Care

The end-of-the-year holidays are finally over. Hosting dinners. Wrapping gifts. Constantly on the go. It’s exhausting.  

You’re looking for ways to relieve stress, refresh, and renew.

Sometimes you have to think outside of the box. While pedicures, long showers, and a few naps are nice, a change of pace can really have a way of bringing you back to life. 

How exactly is a Valentine’s Day boudoir shoot part of a self-care routine? 

Please don’t mind the brutally blunt tone, but how often do you commit to doing something for yourself only to wind up on the couch mindlessly scrolling through social media? 

Then, two hours later, you’re regretting your lack of activity — you’re still feeling just as bleh as you did before you started scrolling. 

When was the last time you did something just for you? What about doing something new and exciting — something new for the first time? 

A Valentine’s Boudoir shoot is the perfect opportunity to show yourself some love on one of the most romantic days of the year. Pamper yourself with hair and makeup. Immerse yourself in conversation and 

#2: Lingerie & Chocolate? Need We Say More?

Excite your love about what’s to come! Purchase the lingerie you plan to wear for your Valentine’s Day shoot, and gift it to your partner with your traditional box of chocolates. 

Consider adding a note that the best is yet to come. Everyone loves surprises — well, almost everyone. 

Practice posing in the bedroom. Let your partner help you let your guard down before your shoot. 

You and your partner will love having a gift that keeps on giving long after Valentine’s Day is over. 

When you work with Evgenia Ribinik Studios, you’ll get an experience that leaves you feeling strong, empowered, and sexy. Whether it’s your first time in front of the camera or your tenth, I’ll be there with you every moment of the shoot … 

  • Guiding your poses
  • Helping you feel more comfortable in front of the camera
  • Fixing your hair, makeup, and wardrobe 

… so you’ll never feel insecure about what you’re doing, resulting in fabulous, sexy, classy boudoir photos. 

#3: Romance Your Partner With an Intimate Valentine’s Day Date

You’re always looking for a way to shake things up on date night, but especially on Valentine’s Day.  

Maybe things have gotten a little dry. Maybe you’re tired of the same old conversations about the kids and work. Breaking out of your “day-to-day” routine can do wonders for your relationship. 

 If you’re looking for a way to reconnect and re-ignite your flame, a Valentine’s Day boudoir photoshoot is the ideal date night. 

Highlight the intimacy and sexual chemistry you share with your partner and create lifelong memories by booking a Valentine’s Day couples boudoir shoot. 

It’s a holiday that keeps on giving. Once your photos are ready from your shoot, you can pick poses and prints you like as a couple. You’ll be ready to get back to the bedroom and spread the love all over again. 

Nervous about scheduling a couple’s shoot? Not sure what to expect? Don’t stress. We’ll help prepare you for your shoot beforehand so you and your partner can show up feeling confident and comfortable.

valentines day boudoir

#4: Ditch the Cards and Movie Nights — Take a Unique Spin on How You Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Chocolates. Flowers. Dinner and a movie. Ten-dollar Hallmark cards. 

Although each of these things hold meaning, consider gifting your partner a gift that will keep on giving. 

Roses die — these photos will last a lifetime. The photos you receive from your Valentine’s Day boudoir photoshoot are something you’ll be able to look back on for decades to come. 

Do you and your spouse spend time a lot of time apart? 

These photos are an excellent Valentine’s Day gift to help keep you close during those long, lonely nights. 

#5: Boost Your Confidence & Embrace Your Inner Goddess

As a boudoir photographer, I’ve worked with hundreds of women. And I see no better reason to have a Valentine’s Day boudoir shoot, or a boudoir shoot in general, than to celebrate YOU. 

Boudoir shoots are a very special way to embrace the woman you are — and the woman you want to be. 

Remind yourself of your worth. A Valentine’s Day boudoir shoot is the chance to boost your self-confidence by: 

  • Pushing you out of your comfort zone
  • Embracing your body just the way it is 
  • Allowing yourself to feel and show vulnerability in front of the camera
  • Creating photos that make you see yourself in a more positive light 

Embrace your inner goddess, get comfortable in your own skin, and let the love you have for yourself shine through in a Valentine’s Day boudoir session.

valentines day boudoir

#6: Close Out a Long, Cold Winter With a Steamy Session

Winters can be rough. Especially if you live anywhere like New York, where it’s not just cold. It’s wet, cold, and dark nearly all winter long.  

By February, you’re hopelessly searching for something to warm up your spirits and maybe even your love life after being cooped up together all winter. 

Warm things up, unwind and unbundle with a steamy Valentine’s Day boudoir session. 

How To Prepare for a Valentine’s Day Boudoir Shoot

That’s it. You’re committed. You’ve booked your Valentine’s Day boudoir shoot, but now what? 

How can you prepare for your session? 

What should you wear? 

Is there a certain etiquette to boudoir photography? 

Don’t fret. Preparing for a Valentine’s Day shoot isn’t meant to be stressful. It’s meant to be enjoyable. Follow our tips for preparing, and you’ll be set up for a successful shoot. 

Talk With Your Photographer

Building a bit of chemistry with your photographer is one of the best ways to prepare for your Valentine’s Day boudoir shoot. 

Take some time to talk about what will happen at the shoot — will it just be you? Are you opting for a couple’s shoot? 

Is there anything that you consider a “no-go”? Make sure you explain things you aren’t comfortable with, and don’t be afraid to speak up during your shoot if something comes up! 

Express what interests you have. Are you comfortable in front of the camera normally? Does the idea of doing a photoshoot nearly naked make you nervous? 

A stellar photographer won’t be afraid to lend a helping hand. At Evgenia Ribinik Studios, we’ll: 

  • Walk you through our entire process.
  • Set the expectations of the day early.
  • Find ways to make you more comfortable in the studio and in front of the camera.
  • Get a feel for how you’re expecting your Valentine’s shoot to go before the shoot begins.

Bring Any Special Items or Props

Although props aren’t necessary — and oftentimes aren’t preferred in our boudoir sessions — sometimes they are very fitting for a shoot. Remember, this shoot is about YOU. 

If you have a special item, like a piece of jewelry or a piece of clothing, you want to showcase in your photos, bring it along with you! 

Maybe you’ve been searching Pinterest, other websites, and magazines for inspiration, and an idea really caught your eye — let your photographer know! We can collaborate to put a unique spin on some of your favorite inspiration photos or ideas. 

Pick Out Your Lingerie — If You Plan on Wearing Any

Are you planning to bring your own lingerie? Or will you choose pieces from a “client closet?”

Either way, it’s important to start thinking (and choosing) lingerie that: 

  • Matches your vision
  • Makes you feel confident and comfortable 

When choosing lingerie for a Valentine’s Day boudoir shoot, you could stick to traditional Valentine’s day colors like reds, pinks, and whites. 

You could go lacy. Maybe leather. 

Are you and your partner coordinating what you’re wearing? Is there something that your partner wears that you find sexy? 

Maybe you like to shake things up and live by the phrase “less is more” in every aspect of your life — and you’re embracing that attitude in your photoshoot. 

Whatever you decide, preparing before your shoot can make for a more relaxing and enjoyable experience the day of your session. 

valentines day boudoir photoshoot

Romance Yourself or Your Partner by Booking Your Valentine’s Day Boudoir Session With Evgenia Ribinik Studios Today

Looking to change things up for the holiday? Unsure of when the right time for a boudoir session might be? 

Romance yourself, or your partner, with a Valentine’s Day boudoir session in New York and the surrounding areas with Evgenia Ribinik Studios. I’ve created an environment in my studio that makes women feel unstoppable, and couples feel re-ignited. 

Enjoy an escape to my studio in Industry City, New York, which just happens to be an amazing backdrop for an intimate or playful boudoir shoot. 

Don’t wait to show yourself, or your partner, some extra love this Valentine’s Day. Contact us today to book your Valentine’s boudoir session. 

Hesitant About Boudoir? Consider Booking a Valentine’s Day Mini

Are you still not convinced boudoir is something you’d enjoy? A Valentine’s Day mini-session gives you the chance to try new things without indulging in the entire experience. 

A mini-session is the perfect “starter package.” 

Contact us for more information about what’s included in our mini-sessions and what dates and times are available — dates and times are limited. 

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