September 23, 2021

Want To Show Off That Pregnancy Glow?

The thought of being someone’s mom is one of the best feelings in the world. But as a mom of two, I know all too well how stressful and intense pregnancy can be! So here’s some honest advice from a mom to a new mom-to-be. As you’re growing, you may also be glowing from changes to your hormone levels and other factors. Instead of worrying so much about giving birth or stressing about every pound, please enjoy that blissful pregnancy glow. It’ll eventually fade once your little one is born, so bask in it as much as you can right now. In fact, I really think you should show it off…

pregnancy glow
maternity boudoir in nyc

Aren’t these incredible clients of mine stunning? You can have photos taken just like this. Many women contact me about doing maternity photoshoots, and I assure you it’s no myth – the camera truly does capture a pregnancy glow. Then again, it’s hard not to glow when the day is all yours! You get full access to my professional hair and makeup artist and we throw open the doors to my studio closet where some amazing maternity outfits are waiting just for you.

Glowing yet?

pregnancy glow at a nyc boudoir photoshoot
maternity photoshoot nyc

Some of my clients aren’t quite ready to try boudoir yet, so I also offer maternity portraiture sessions. These have become incredibly popular lately. Several clients have even brought their partners along for couples sessions. When it comes to celebrating your pregnancy, the day is all about YOU. And that means doing whatever you want.

maternity portraits nyc
couples maternity nyc

See these women in the photos below? I have a secret to tell you about them.

They look like they have everything together, don’t they? Like they didn’t have a hard time sleeping last night, like they didn’t suffer from morning sickness or gain one pound through their whole pregnancy. Well guess what?

nyc maternity photographer
nyc maternity photography

That couldn’t be further from the truth. These women are no different than you. They simply made a choice to prioritize their happiness over anything else. They discovered that a luxurious photoshoot was a great way to boost their confidence, feel pampered and have lots of fun. They’re glowing and taking advantage of that to create stunning artwork that they’ll have forever.

Want more info?

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