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January 2, 2018

My Favorite Places To Take Wedding Boudoir Photography In New York

If you’re planning a wedding in 2018, now is a great time to think about capturing yourself at this very special time in your life. As a boudoir photographer, I’m meeting more and more brides-to-be who want to embrace their femininity with wedding boudoir photography. There are so many great reasons to give it a try, especially as part of prepping for your big day. Wedding boudoir photography helps brides learn to love their bodies, while enabling them to feel empowered and confident.

If you’re interested in taking wedding boudoir photos, one of the first things you may be wondering is where these shoots take place. After all, a key element to an amazing boudoir session is the location. In my opinion, the photo shoots should occur in settings that showcase the beauty and strength of the female body. And what better places to choose from than some of the top hotels in New York City? Below I’ve listed some of my favorite locations to take wedding boudoir photos.


Yotel New York

When it comes to style, Yotel New York has it covered! Located in midtown Manhattan, Yotel features a contemporary design that’s perfectly suited for classic brides. Its buzzing location in the middle of Manhattan is a beautiful contrast to the quiet and privacy you get to enjoy in the suite. If modern style is what you seek, this is one of the best locations for your wedding boudoir photography session.


Boudoir model posing for a photo session in NYCA woman posing in lingerie near a window overlooking NYCA boudoir model posing on a bed in Yotel New YorkA woman in lingerie staring out the window at NYC

W Times Square

Boudoir photography is all about tasteful and luxurious style. You’ll definitely get this at the W New York – Times Square Hotel. Located in midtown Manhattan, it boasts sweeping views of the New York City skyline. Brides will love the attention given to each detail in the suite. Modern furniture, detailed ceilings and soft lighting help to create the ideal mood for a sexy shoot.


A boudoir photography session at W Times Square HotelBlack and white photo of a boudoir sessionA boudoir model posing on a chairA black and white photo of a lingerie model on a bed

Boro Hotel in Long Island City

New York City girls are sure to love the atmosphere in Boro Hotel in Long Island City. Every room features an industrial luxury design inspired by New York loft living. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide an incredible view of the New York skyline – which is an excellent backdrop to a sensual photo session.


Sexy boudoir model posing in the Boro Hotel in Long Island CityA sexy boudoir pose in a NY hotelA lingerie model posing on a balcony that overlooks NYA lingerie model in a sensual pose near a window

Mondrian Park Avenue Hotel

Mondrian Park Avenue Hotel is the ideal location for brides who prefer minimalist luxury. The rooms feature a fusion of style and sophistication, with handmade furnishings, the finest bed linens and sweeping views. Book a suite here with a view of the Empire State Building for the ultimate NYC boudoir session!


A close up shot of a sexy model A boudoir session at Mondrian Park Avenue Hotel A model posing in lace lingerie A tasteful nude photography session

Royalton Hotel

When it comes to luxury, it’s hard to top the Royalton Hotel. Exquisite fireplaces, stunning views, and incredible penthouse balconies will set you in the mood for the sexiest shoot ever.


Wedding boudoir photography NYA woman wearing fishnet lingerie in a dramatic boudoir poseModel posing for boudoir photos in a NYC hotelA woman at a boudoir shoot posing on a couch

Ready to get started?

If you’re in New York and want to book a session at one of these amazing hotels with me, let’s talk! In the meantime, you can check out my private Facebook group to see a little inspiration for your shoot.

Not only will wedding boudoir photos be the ultimate gift for your hubby-to-be, but they’ll give you a boost of confidence that you never knew you had. The best part: You’ll wear that glow when you walk down the aisle!