November 30, 2016

Why Wedding Boudoir Photography Is The Perfect Groom’s Gift

Dress? Check! Cake? Check! Venue, photographer and bridesmaids’ gifts? Check, check, check! Groom’s gift? Ut oh.

Ladies, what can you give your groom that he’ll really love? You know… something sentimental, yet thoughtful too. It can be so hard to find that perfect gift. But I have the solution, and I guarantee he’ll love it. I’m talking about a wedding boudoir photography shoot.

Now before you say, “No, I won’t do that! I need to lose weight. I don’t like how I look in photos,” just hear me out. Chances are you probably don’t know a whole lot about wedding boudoir photography shoots… so before you say no, read this. You may just change your mind!

The wedding boudoir photography shoot: What’s it all about?

During a boudoir shoot, a photographer (like myself) takes sensual and tasteful photos of a bride wearing lingerie. Now tell me what hubby-to-be wouldn’t want to see their bride exuding sexy confidence in her favorite lingerie? Even if you don’t have total confidence going into the shoot, believe me, you’ll feel it while you’re having fun taking photos. Typically, brides choose to hire a professional boudoir photographer — one who specializes specifically in boudoir photos — for the shoot. I’m one of these photographers, and I’ll be honest… You’ll always feel more relaxed and at ease when working with a pro. Since we do this every day, we can show you the most complimenting poses while getting the lighting work in your advantage.  In addition, many professionals will have their own studios, or will book hotel rooms for the shoots. I will even visit your home if you’re most comfortable doing the shoot there. It’s truly all about you, and we, as photographers, are just there to make you look and feel fabulous!



How exactly do you prepare for a wedding boudoir photography shoot?

You may think you need to lose weight or workout for weeks or months before your shoot. But you couldn’t be more wrong. Your groom loves you for YOU. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have proposed in the first place, right? Right. There are, however, some tips and tricks you can do to prepare just a few days in advance of your boudoir shoot that will make you feel totally sexy. First, try to abstain from alcohol and drink plenty of water the night before the session. It sounds a bit strange, but this will keep any unwanted bags from forming under your eyes and will make your skin nice and bright! Next, if your wedding boudoir photographer provides a hair and makeup package, consider using it. I work with an amazing makeup artist who is also a hair stylist. Her name is Olga, and her services can be purchased for my boudoir sessions. You can also use your preferred vendor if you want. Either way, hair styling and makeup are a must and will help you feel super special during the shoot. You should also consider getting a manicure and pedicure, as well as a wax beforehand. Oh, and when you arrive to the shoot, be sure that you’re wearing loose fitting clothes and that your bra straps aren’t too tight. You won’t want any unwanted marks on your skin. And last, but not least, get a great night’s sleep the night before!

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So you did the shoot (and loved it)! Now how do you present your wedding boudoir photography to your guy?

Once your shoot is done and the photos are ready for you to view, you can choose your top picks to put into an album. Other than the exhilarating feeling you’ll get from doing the boudoir shoot, the best part of wedding boudoir photography is seeing the look on your groom’s face when he views your photos! Many brides decide to give this album to their groom in a private moment before the wedding. Others enlist their maid of honor or the best man to present it to the groom on the wedding day. No matter what you choose, though, he’s going to love it as much as he loves you!

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Looking for wedding boudoir photography in New York City?

Contact Evgenia Ribinik, a top NYC wedding boudoir photographer, for the perfect boudoir photos. Evgenia’s passion about doing boudoir photography is to show women how beautiful and sensual they are. She ensures that you will look and feel fabulous, and you will end up with the perfect gift for your groom which he’ll cherish forever!