May 8, 2015

What boudoir is all about..

Jewelry, hair, sexy lingerie, pair of red bottoms or other sexy heels – that’s what I think about when boudoir comes to mind!  Dressing (or undressing) is so much fun for any girl and when I shoot boudoir that’s exactly how my sessions go!  Fun, easy, sexy, relaxing, lots of fun and ton of laughter.  Who said it’s easy to get naked in front of a stranger, even if it’s a girl?Boudoirsession-Tee-0002 Boudoirsession-Tee-0003 Boudoirsession-Tee-0010 Boudoirsession-Tee-0009 Boudoirsession-Tee-0008 Boudoirsession-Tee-0007 Boudoirsession-Tee-0006 Boudoirsession-Tee-0005 Boudoirsession-Tee-0004 Boudoirsession-Tee-0011 Boudoirsession-Tee-0012 Boudoirsession-Tee-0013 Boudoirsession-Tee-0014  Boudoirsession-Tee-0016 Boudoirsession-Tee-0017    Boudoirsession-Tee-0018


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