June 29, 2018

What Does Sexy Mean?

Ladies, what does sexy mean to you?

So many people associate ‘sexy’ with physical features – a perfectly curved figure, beautiful hair or flawless skin. But you don’t have to look perfect to be sexy. In fact, there is no such thing as perfect! The truth is that ‘sexy’ is merely a matter of perspective. The more you love yourself and your body, the sexier you’ll feel.


A topless woman posing at a boudoir studio in Brooklyn NY

A sexy model posing in lingerie

What does sexy mean


I know, easier said than done. Some days, you may want to scream in frustration when you look at yourself in the mirror. Trust me, we all feel this way at times. Maybe you’re not feeling your best, and picking out your little flaws seems so easy to do. Whether you realize it or not, society plays a big role in these negative feelings. From television shows to movies and fashion magazines –  society attempts to dictate what is sexy. This has been going on for a long, long time… and what is sexy has evolved a great deal through the years. The good news is all that really matters is what you think. Sexy isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of thing.


Wedding boudoir shoot in NYC

A woman posing in black lingerie

A bridal boudoir session in NY


No matter what you see on TV or in magazines, one thing holds true: Confidence is always sexy. There’s something wonderfully attractive and sexy about a woman who is confident. A confident woman is unfazed by the perceptions of the world. If she feels sexy inside, she looks sexy on the outside too. Don’t get me wrong… This level of self-assurance doesn’t come easily. But if you work on it every day, you’ll eventually get there.

There are many ways to work on building confidence, and doing a boudoir photography shoot is one of them! Maybe you’ve fantasized about posing nude or in sexy lingerie. But daring to do that in real life? It is a huge confidence booster! When you book a boudoir shoot with me, I’ll help you to feel totally at ease in front of the camera. I’ll also help you to let go of any negative thoughts and focus on how amazing, unique and sexy you are.


A woman posing for a boudoir photo on a bed

A sexy boudoir model

A nude boudoir shoot in NYC


There’s really no blueprint for sex appeal. It comes in all shapes, sizes and ages. If you get the chance to have a boudoir shoot, DO IT. Nothing beats seeing photo evidence of your true sexiness and confidence!

What is your definition of sexy? Do you consider yourself sexy? Tell me what you think in the comments!


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