Bridal boudoir photography new york
January 28, 2022

What is a Boudoir Photo Shoot Like in My NYC Studio?

Ladies, you’ve asked in your emails and DM’s… and now I’m answering: What is a boudoir photo shoot in my studio really like?

I know that for some women, it’s about having fun dressing up in gorgeous outfits from my boudoir closet. And of course, getting all glammed up by my hair and makeup artist!

For others, it’s about trying out sensual poses with different beautiful backgrounds.

Then there are those who just love having some well-deservedme time for an afternoon.

But when I look through my reviews, I do notice a common theme with my clients. The majority of women say that they left my studio feeling more empowered than they ever have in their lives! That makes me so happy to hear. Here’s what my client, Ms. R., had to say about her session with me:

“Evgenia helped me see myself from a new perspective – and let me tell you, I felt so sexy and alive! As she revealed the images to me, I was astonished that the woman in the photos was me. I kept asking her, “Do I really look like this?” I still find myself flipping through the book to remind myself how I appear through my husband’s eyes, or anyone’s other than my own. Looking back, the entire experience was so much more for me than it was even for my husband – and it was worth every single penny and some.”

What is a Boudoir Photo Shoot

It’s an experience unlike any other because it is all about YOU.

I’ve been photographing women for years now and it’s always been a pleasure to capture their beauty. What I love most about boudoir is that it allows you to see how beautiful you are on your own terms. I think boudoir photography has become so popular because of this idea of being able to see yourself as sexy and confident without any outside influence or pressure from other people.

After all, boudoir is more than just about being photographed in lingerie, although that can be part of it if you want. There is nothing more empowering than standing in front of a camera, embracing your body just as it is, flaws and all. Boudoir shoots aren’t about being perfect, looking like a model, or even making you feel sexy. They’re about capturing an authentic representation of yourself that you can look back on when you need reminding that you are beautiful inside and out.

So without further ado, I’m so excited to share the latest video from my Brooklyn boudoir studio! My team and I filmed this so you can take a look for yourself at what a boudoir session is really like with me!

What is a boudoir photo shoot like in person? Come and see for yourself!

I hope this video inspired you to consider doing your very own boudoir photoshoot! I do realize that many women feel nervous to try boudoir because they think they don’t look good enough… but I want you to know that is not the case at all.

Boudoir is the most powerful reminder that we’re all beautiful no matter what size or shape we are. It’s your chance to celebrate femininity and self-love. You’ll be so happy that you took the step to do your own boudoir shoot because it teaches you to embrace being uniquely you. I’m 100% confident that if you go into this experience as an act of loving yourself, there’s no way you won’t cherish what comes out of it.

Contact me today and let’s plan an incredible session just for you!