Posing during a NYC boudoir shoot
August 18, 2017

What is a boudoir session like? Read this client testimonial!

NYC boudoir session with a beautiful model


Boudoir photography: It’s all about the OMG moments!

Ladies, I want you to be totally honest with yourselves. Are you interested in doing a boudoir photography session but you feel a little (ok, maybe a lot) afraid to book one? If so, you’re not alone. You may be wondering, “What is a boudoir session like? Is it scary?” To answer these questions, I thought it would be best for you to read what a recent client had to say about her boudoir session with me:

“OMG Evgenia – these are BEAUTIFUL!!! How did you make me look like this!? This isn’t me!!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap lol!! I went through them and I feel like I want to print them all LOL. I was able to give him the photographs last night. HE ABSOLUTELY LOVES THEM!!!!! His reaction: ‘HOLY. SHIT. THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!’

The photos were beyond my expectation – they are absolutely gorgeous. You truly portrayed me in a way that I always wanted to look in my mind’s eye.  And they totally blew him away… He’s been going through them every time I see him, whispering to himself, ‘OMG… holy shit… so gorgeous.’ LOL. He’s so cute…

Anyway, I do just want to say thank you again for the empowering and wonderful experience. It was quite unique and honestly, I want to say that this is a final thanks – I might have to work with you again to create even more photographs and beautiful artwork.  You are truly one talented lady, Evgenia!

Thank you again, please send my regards, eternal gratitude to Olga (makeup artist), and will keep in touch!!!!”



Posing for the camera during a boudoir shoot


Now be honest with yourselves again… Wouldn’t you love to feel this way and have such “OMG moments”? I’m here to tell you that you CAN! Having boudoir photos taken is one of the most empowering feelings a woman can experience. Whether you plan to share your photos with a significant other or keep them for your eyes only, one thing is certain: You’ll be wowed forever!


A sexy boudoir pose on a bed

Ready to book your boudoir session or find out more?

Get in touch today and we’ll talk about your hopes for an incredible experience. And, if you’re still not sure you’re quite ready, here are two things you can do in the meantime:

  1. Join my private Facebook group. This is the place where you can get to know some past (and possibly future) clients just like yourself! In the group, we chat daily about all types of topics and do frequent boudoir giveaways. In other words, we have tons of fun!
  2. Check out my boudoir gallery page to get totally inspired by poses, hair, makeup and more!

I’m looking so much forward to the possibility of meeting you!






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