November 2, 2018

What makes a woman sexy?

Do you think every body is sexy? I do. And it’s not just because I’m a boudoir photographer. It’s because I’m a woman who knows that sexy is a state of mind. In my profession, I’m always getting asked questions like…

“What if I’m not sexy enough for this photo shoot?”

“Will this lingerie make me look good in photos?”

“Am I curvy enough?”

“Am I too curvy?”


what makes a woman sexy


Our society tries as hard as it can to dictate what sexy is. Why? Well, because products need to be sold. Movies need to be watched. And website traffic needs to be generated. Remember that the next time you feel inadequate while looking at models in magazines or celebrities on gossip sites. No thanks to society, our brains have become hardwired to believe that being sexy means being perfect. Because of this, the little voice in the back of our minds plays on repeat, asking if we’re really good enough. Oftentimes, we’re not sure. Our pants feel too tight, our grays are starting to show and we just want to hide. This type of thinking can wreak havoc on our personal lives, and some of us even develop self-destructive habits because of it. So why do we keep listening to society?



There is no standard for sexy.

One of the reasons I love boudoir photography so much is because it eliminates that little voice. It shows us that yes, we are good enough. In fact, we’re more than good enough! Boudoir teaches us that being sexy goes way beyond looks. It’s about personality and – most importantly – soul. Boudoir photography enables each of us to define what sexy is for ourselves – not for someone else. Sexy can be an adjective or it can be an emotion. It’s really up to us!



The intimate setting of a boudoir photo session allows us to unleash our inner goddesses. It’s a judgement-free zone that allows us to rid ourselves of any and all inhibitions that have created self-doubt and fear. Through boudoir, some of us end up discovering that sexy is about being strong and smart. Others figure out that it’s about kindness. But we ALL realize that we do not have to fit in with what society thinks is sexy. We learn that it’s OK to just be ourselves.



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