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July 12, 2022

What To Do With Boudoir Photos: 12 Creative and Exciting Ways To Display Your Boudoir Pictures

Your boudoir photo shoot was everything you’d hoped for and more. 

You felt confident and empowered as you embraced your femininity and celebrated your beautiful body. 

But now what? You’re left wondering what to do with your boudoir photos.

The answer is — the possibilities are endless!

What you do with your boudoir photos is half the fun of the entire experience, and there is no wrong way to display boudoir photos. 

My boudoir clients love displaying their photos in a variety of unique ways. I’m excited to share those ways with you today, so you can continue to fall in love with yourself long after your boudoir photo shoot is over.

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Why You Should Display Your Boudoir Photos

Whether you’re displaying them in your home, posting them online, or sharing them with your partner, boudoir photos represent your unique beauty and fierceness and deserve to be celebrated.

Many of my boudoir clients find that displaying their boudoir photos:

  • Promotes a positive self-image
  • Helps them be more vulnerable, let their guard down, and be themselves
  • Gives them powerful memories of a time they felt fully alive
  • Enhances their relationship with their partner by strengthening their confidence both inside and outside the bedroom
  • Reminds them of who they are, not who others think they should be

A boudoir photo session is a perfect way to:

  • Showcase self-love
  • Build confidence
  • Surprise your partner or spouse
  • Prepare for your wedding
  • Acknowledge a turning point in your life

If you’re ready to explore the realm of boudoir, I’d love to be your guide. Book your New York City boudoir photo shoot today. 

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Should I Share My Boudoir Photos?

This is a common question I get from my boudoir clients, and the answer is – it’s entirely up to you!

Your boudoir photos are your property and you have complete control over who sees them and how they are used. You can choose to share them with a few or as many people as you’d like.

Some women feel incredibly empowered by sharing their boudoir photos as a way of publicly celebrating their bodies. It’s a beautiful way to show the world that you’re comfortable in your own skin and love yourself completely.

Without even being aware of it, by sharing your boudoir photos, you could inspire other women in your life to love and accept themselves as they are. And if they’ve never considered boudoir before, your photos could be the encouragement they need to experience a session for themselves. 

On the other hand, some clients prefer to keep their boudoir photos private as a way of cherishing them intimately. And that’s okay, too! These photos are a personal expression of yourself, and you should do whatever makes you feel the most comfortable.

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12 Ways To Display Your Boudoir Photos

#1: Personal Photo Album

One of the most common ways my clients choose to display their boudoir photos is by creating a personal photo album. When you think about it, a personal boudoir photo album is a celebration of love — just like a wedding album, but with a more intimate twist.

A boudoir photo album is a beautiful way to keep your photos close to you, whether that’s on your bedroom table or in your private closet.

When you work with me, you’ll find that I offer a variety of beautiful album options.

A sleek leather or suede album is a timeless choice that will make flipping through your photos a luxurious experience for many years to come. 

Beautifully crafted, these personal photo albums feature:

  • 3 size options
  • A one-piece wraparound cover design 
  • Up to 50 photo spreads
  • Photographic and press papers
  • Luxuriously thick pages
  • A variety of leather and suede options

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#2: Digital Frame Slideshow

A digital frame slideshow is a great way to display your boudoir photos if you want a rotating gallery of your favorite images. 

It makes a beautiful addition to your nightstand or dresser, which is a wonderful place to share your boudoir photos with your partner. Digital frames are intuitive to set up and make it easy to upload your photos with just a few simple clicks.

I offer a custom-made USB from your boudoir photo session, and you can find a wide variety of digital frames at most online retailers or electronic stores.

If you’re prepared to make a statement with your boudoir photos, a gallery wall is a perfect way to do it. 

This is an exciting option if you have a large collection of images you want to display or if you want to create a focal point in your bedroom.

A gallery wall can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. You can choose matching frames or mix and match different sizes, colors, and textures to create your own unique look.

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#4: Intimate Gifts

Your boudoir photos make beautiful intimate gifts for your partner. They can be a romantic gesture for a special occasion or part of a sexy scavenger hunt.

Some ideas for gifts include:

  • A framed picture for your partner’s desk or nightstand
  • An album of your favorite images
  • A small print for your partner’s wallet

#5: Framed Prints for Yourself

Your boudoir photos are a beautiful representation of you at this precise moment in your life. 

They capture your femininity, sensuality, and confidence — all of which deserve to be celebrated. And framing some individual prints for yourself is a great way to do just that.

You can frame boudoir prints for your vanity, bathroom, or closet as a daily reminder of how beautiful and loved you are. These pictures can be a source of strength and empowerment on days when you may be feeling a little less than confident.

Are you ready to schedule your boudoir photo session? Contact me today to learn more.

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#6: Folio Box

The folio box is covered in a luxuriously soft, faux leather material with a plush velvet interior.

This is the perfect option if you have children at home, or you frequently entertain guests and don’t want anyone else seeing your personal photos. 

Folio boxes are offered in two sizes and feature 20 matted prints, so you’re sure to find the perfect box to match your decor and personality. And for that special touch, you can also add a glass top with an extra image.

#7: Calendar

Why not create your own calendar as a year-round reminder of your boudoir photo session? 

Each month will feature an intimate, empowered image of you to remind yourself how strong, beautiful, and confident you are every day of the year. 

#8: Coffee Table Book

We’ve all seen the coffee table wedding books on proud display. So why not do a coffee table boudoir book? 

Online sites like Shutterfly and PrintNinja allow you to select your favorite shots, choose your layout, and create a one-of-a-kind boudoir book you’ll be proud to have gracing your coffee table.


#9: Social Media

Some of my clients have enjoyed sharing a boudoir photo or two on their social media. 

Of course, you’ll want to be highly selective and avoid sharing the raciest of your shots with the world. But if you feel comfortable sharing one or more, your boudoir photos can make a great cover photo or profile picture. 

#10: Scavenger Hunt

How about setting up a boudoir scavenger hunt? This is an idea that’s sure to please!

Use a few of your boudoir prints as clues that lead your partner to your bedroom or another private location. There, they will find you waiting, beautifully adorned in the lingerie that was featured in your photos. 

This is a great way to introduce your boudoir photos to your partner. And you could even choose to gift them an album of their own — before or after they’ve discovered the treasure.


#11: Baby Announcements or Thank You Cards

Did you have a maternity or motherhood boudoir shot? 

Why not share your proudest moment by sending your favorite photo as a baby announcement or thank you card? Your friends and family will ooh and ahh over your amazing mama glow, and you’ll feel a rush of confidence knowing how beautiful you look.

#12: Your Phone

Why not display your boudoir photos on your phone’s lock screen or home screen? 

Imagine it, every time you pick up your phone you’ll receive a dose of confidence as you are reminded of your amazing boudoir experience and how beautiful you are. And every time those around you see your phone light up, they’ll get a teaser glimpse of your strength and courage.

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Relive The Experience Through Your Boudoir Photos by Evgenia Ribinik Studios

I’ve shared just a few examples of what you can do with your boudoir photos. 

But the most important thing is that you do what feels right for you.

Your photos are a unique expression of yourself, so cherish them, display them proudly, or keep them private – it’s entirely up to you.

I’d love to help you experience the magic of boudoir. My private NYC studio is designed with your comfort in mind, and you’ll be pampered down to the most minute detail.

Whether you’re looking for sexy and sensual or edgy and raw, your images will be trendy, unique, and one-of-a-kind — just like you.

Book your boudoir session today.

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