what to wear to a boudoir photography session
October 28, 2022

What To Wear to a Boudoir Photography Session and Other Helpful Tips From a Professional

You’ve finally done it! You booked that long-awaited boudoir photoshoot and now it’s time to prepare.

You’ve already got your waxing and body scrub scheduled, but you’re wondering what to wear to a boudoir photography session to show off your best side.

From sexy lingerie to nothing at all, we share our top seven suggested garments to bring to your shoot.

what to wear to a boudoir photography session

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What To Wear to a Boudoir Photography Session: General Recommendations

Before you start buying expensive lingerie, consider your personality, body type, and comfort level. 

You’re imagining a sexy, leather, lace-up bustier with fishnet stockings and thigh-high boots.  But if your attitude is more flirty than edgy, this particular outfit likely won’t help you feel confident.

Take the time to preview your photographer’s gallery or portfolio for ideas. It’s true in many cases that less is more — boudoir photos are no exception!

A few simple garments may be all you need to accomplish a fun and sexy look, such as:

  • A lacy bra and underwear
  • Sparkly body jewelry
  • Fishnet stockings and heels
  • A garter belt; and
  • A sexy bodysuit 

The best boudoir photo shoots are the ones that look natural and organic. It doesn’t take a lot to make that happen. After all, it’s YOU who is the main subject of the photoshoot — not the lingerie.

what to wear to a boudoir photography session

7 Specific Pieces You Should Include in Your Boudoir Photography Session

Ideally, you won’t feel like you can walk out the door with what you’re wearing. The sexiest looks for boudoir are somewhat “undone,” meaning you may wear undies and heels but nothing up top, for example. 

Evgenia Ribinik is a photographer in NYC specializing in boudoir photography. Evgenia offers all of her clients access to her exclusive lingerie closet with dozens of styles in all shapes and sizes. For more information, or to book your boudoir photo session in NYC, contact Evgenia Ribinik today.

Here are a few of the garments we suggest. Consider just two to three items that make you feel confident, seductive, and sensual.

#1: A Sexy Bra

Bras come in a wide variety of styles, materials, and colors. From a simple, elegant black bra to a lacey, strappy, push-up style, the right bra can showcase your sensuality and create the effect you’re looking for.

The most important thing to consider is the fit. A bra that is too small or too big will not be flattering. Getting fitted for the right size will ensure you don’t have any unwanted bulging or gaps and that you’re properly supported.

Next, think about what color will best contrast with your skin. Bright colors, such as red, emerald green, or hot pink always look great on any skin color. Nudes and neutrals should generally be avoided unless it’s black or white.

Lastly, think about style! You can aim for sultry satin or luxurious lace, but whatever you choose make sure that you love it and feel great wearing it.

what to wear to a boudoir photography session

#2: Underwear

Underwear is the staple of any boudoir photoshoot. Many women choose to go topless for some photos but often choose to keep their bottoms on. So whatever you do, don’t skimp on the panties — unless, of course, skimpy panties are your thing.

Many women think that a thong is the way to go, but this isn’t always the case. Leaving something to the imagination with a sexy, high-waisted, or full-bottom panty will work too!

You may want to bring a couple of options. Your photographer will make recommendations on how to pose to accentuate your shape and make every pair of underwear look like they were made for you.

#3: Garter Belt

A garter belt goes around your waist and was designed to hold up stockings before pantyhose or elastic was invented.

Now, garter belts are used less traditionally and more as part of an overall sexy getup. They also look fantastic for vintage pinup-style photo shoots.

When shopping for a garter belt, you can opt to pair it with stockings or wear it on its own for a provocative “undressed” look.

If you choose to complement your garter with a pair of stockings, make sure you don’t get stay-ups. They have a textured rubber inside that is designed to keep the stockings up without a garter belt. This design can make them look like they’re cutting into your leg a little bit.

what to wear to a boudoir photography session

#4: Fishnet Stockings

Stockings can be just as sexy without a garter belt. Fishnet stockings, in particular, make a dramatic statement. 

Fishnets are so versatile. They can be worn with underwear, under some sexy boots, with heels, or for a little extra sizzle, all on their own.

Fishnets hold a unique place in fashion history. Their iconic style has been worn by women from all walks of life since the 1930s. You simply can’t go wrong with this classic piece.

what to wear to a boudoir photography session

#5: Body Jewelry

You don’t need diamonds, pearls, and lace to make a boudoir shoot stand out. The engagement ring is typically highlighted in wedding boudoir photography, while a sparkly belly button ring may be the centerpiece for a postpartum photoshoot.

However, over-the-top jewelry can actually distract from the session and may be tricky to pose.

Sexy, shimmery body chains can accentuate your midriff or add bling to a bareback pose.

#6: Heels

Every single woman looks good in heels. Short, tall, thin, plus-size, it doesn’t matter — heels highlight feminine beauty and instantly transform any look.

Heels are perfect for standing shots because they improve the appearance of posture and give the illusion of slimmer, more shapely legs.

Wearing heels for your boudoir shoot will help give you poise and confidence, even if you’re not feeling sure of yourself at the moment.

#7: Bodysuit

A racy bodysuit looks good on every body type. Choose something with a suggestive neckline without being too revealing.

Lace scalloping and detailing can incorporate beautiful texture and lines for your final photos while covering hip creases and adding intrigue.

Bodysuits hug the body, calling attention to your natural curves and shape.

what to wear to a boudoir photography session

3 Photographer Tips for the Best Boudoir Photography Session Results

Boudoir photography is all about you. Regardless of what you choose to wear (or not), the focus of the shoot should always be on your sensuality and feminism. Some clothing will never do you any justice. 

Here are a few tips to make sure you get the best possible photos from your session.

#1: Avoid T-Shirts and Oversized Sports Jerseys

A modest boudoir shoot is entirely possible without clothing. Men’s dress shirts, baggy clothes, or sports jerseys have their place, but we don’t think boudoir is where they belong.

Not only do billowing shirts or jerseys hide your body, but they can look strange when next to sexier photos in an album.You can dress modestly without looking like you’re wearing a potato sack.

#2: Leave the Props at Home

While you might think props can add to the theme of your shoot, they can distract from what is supposed to be the focal point of the photos — you!

It can also be difficult to organically incorporate props into the photo, leaving the shot looking too posed and unnatural.

So unless there’s something specific or nostalgic that you want to be included, we suggest leaving the props out.

#3: Don’t Be Afraid To Show Off Your Body

We understand that most women may not have the confidence of a runway model. Even they sometimes have to fake it until they make it. 

It’s easy to create exciting, provocative photos with modest and conservative lingerie. However, we do encourage all of our clients to show a little skin. 

Boudoir photography can help you feel sexy again and your photographer will make you feel comfortable in your body. 

Elevate and empower yourself by falling in love with yourself through boudoir photography.

Bring Your Boudoir Photography Dreams to Life With Evgenia Ribinik Studios

You are a unique, sensual, and exciting woman — why not show that off in a sexy boudoir photo shoot with Evgenia Ribinik in NYC?

I’ll walk you through everything you need to do to prepare, what to expect during the shoot, and what to wear to a boudoir photography session.

On the day of the shoot, you’ll also be given exclusive access to my full closet of beautiful, empowering, and sexy lingerie. I carry all sizes, colors, and styles with plenty of options for curvy women. Everything is professionally cleaned between shoots.

If you already know what you want to wear to your boudoir photo shoot, bring it along. My studio space has been designed with various backdrops to work with any look and feel.

I’ll walk you through every pose and every facial expression to help you look and feel your best in front of the camera.

My goal is to make you feel relaxed, pampered, and like the feminine masterpiece that you are.

Whether the photos are for a special someone or just for you, the experience of boudoir photography is all about empowerment.

Give me a call and we’ll discuss options for your dream boudoir photography session. 

what to wear to a boudoir photography session