what to wear to a bridal boudoir shoot
November 12, 2022

What To Wear to a Bridal Boudoir Shoot and How To Choose the Perfect Pieces

You’ve booked a bridal boudoir shoot. You’re excited to capture images of this special time in your life.

You may wonder, “how do you decide what to wear to a bridal boudoir shoot?

Remember that this photoshoot will provide memories to commemorate your relationship or special day — spiced up a few notches.

Bridal boudoir shoots are a time for a woman to be sexy, sensual, edgy, and raw. She can embrace her feminine energy, which allows her to connect with, trust, and love herself. 

Are you ready for this liberating experience?

Continue reading for tips and recommendations on choosing the perfect pieces for your bridal boudoir shoot. 

what to wear to a bridal boudoir shoot

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The Thoughts Behind a Bridal Boudoir Shoot

So why do people book a bridal boudoir shoot? 

Looking back through history, passion and erotic desire have been connected to feminine influence and the naked female body.

So what better present is there than a bride giving her partner the gift of herself on their wedding day?

Another motivator to give these images as a wedding gift is that, since it is right before your wedding, you may be in the best shape of your life. So why not celebrate how amazing you are with this photo shoot? Then you will always have this keepsake as a reminder.

If you can stand to wait a while, these photos might make a fantastic first wedding anniversary present since paper is the traditional gift for this first year.

These photos as a gift are:

  • Unique
  • Personable
  • Flirtatious
  • Seductive
  • Sensual; and
  • Arousing 

This photo session setting is an empowering experience that may also be a way to get to know your wedding photographer before the big day. My husband and I work together to capture wedding stories unlike any other. 

Wedding boudoir photography is sultry and chic.

Are you feeling pretty and provocative? 

Maybe it’s time to book your session today!

what to wear to a bridal boudoir shoot

7 Tips for Choosing the Right Lingerie for Your Bridal Boudoir Shoot

I think the most suitable outfit choice for bridal boudoir shoots is lingerie. 

One study about the power of lingerie claims that it can:

  • Boost self-esteem
  • Encourage fulfillment; and
  • Give women a way to explore their ideal selves

Don’t feel like you own anything suitable for your shoot? You can select whatever you’d like from my lingerie closet! I carry all sizes and styles, so you will feel incredible and comfortable in anything you choose. 

My studio is a judgment-free zone.  Women of all ages, shapes, and sizes wear and do whatever makes them feel their best — that’s how I work!

Lingerie comes in many variations, so here’s how to choose the right pieces.

When choosing lingerie, pay attention to the following:

  • Comfort
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Support
  • Details
  • Colors
  • Variety


#1: Choose Comfortable Lingerie That You Feel Good About Yourself In

The best way to get perfect shots is to feel confident and comfortable. When you feel good about yourself, you will radiate this assurance in the images. Look at my gallery; these women are the perfect mix of risqué, sensuous, and inviting.

The more you can loosen up, the hotter your pictures will turn out. This correlation is directly related to how relaxed you feel. Your partner will certainly appreciate an open and softened vibe in the album you present.

#2: Make Sure It Fits Well

To feel good in an outfit, it must fit well. If you need to have your pieces tailored, do it! You will feel much more self-confident when your lingerie hugs your body the way it is meant to fit. 

Your lingerie should not be so tight that it leaves marks on your skin. A smaller size won’t give you more control. It could make you feel uncomfortable, be painful, or even roll down on you.

Knowing your bust, waist, and hips measurements can help you find the right size, leading to the perfect fit. Here are some tips for measuring.

  • Bust: Measuring your nipple line, go around your back and over your bust. 
  • Waist: Measure around the smallest part of you, your natural waistline.
  • Hips: Measure around the widest part of your hips. 

#3: Show Your Shape

Your significant other loves you for who you are, so don’t be afraid to show off your shape and whatever comes with it.

Studies show that having gratifying sex life and romantic relationship can positively influence your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. A bridal boudoir can start a marriage on the right track, prioritizing and promoting sexual desire. 

Embracing your body and showing it off — no matter your size or fitness level — is incredibly empowering and can make you feel sexier than ever. 

#4: If Needed, Choose Something Supportive

Again, remember that your comfort level is the most crucial aspect of a bridal boudoir; if that means including a bit of underwire for support, then go for it. Underwire often gives your breast curves, an added boost, and photographs well.

A bralette can do the trick and share a sexy perspective if you don’t need an underwire. 

A push-up bra can give you a natural lift while making your breasts look a cup-size larger.  

A corset can cinch your middle, leaving you with a shapely waist, while a bustier can give you an uplift while also flattening out your stomach.

#5: Pick Interesting Details

Focusing on the details can take your shoot from good to luring and tempting — which is always my goal. 

“Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.” – Leonardo Da Vinci 

Try adding some of these details to the shoot.

  • Lace
  • Embroidery
  • Silk
  • Teddies
  • Sexy slips
  • Bodysuits
  • Corsets
  • Something with bold cutouts
  • Ruffles

what to wear to a bridal boudoir shoot

#6: It Doesn’t Have To Be White

White is often the most obvious choice for brides. While it’s okay to have white as one of your options, there are so many other exciting colors to choose from. White represents innocence, and shooting with me is usually anything but! 

Black can be sexier, or you can use any color you think will pop on camera. Maybe you will choose your spouse’s favorite hue or another shade that has special meaning for the two of you.

what to wear to a bridal boudoir shoot

#7: Choose More Than One

You know what they say, variety is the spice of life. Don’t limit yourself to one look — have a couple of options during the photo shoot. 

And since you can never have too many tips, here is another article where I share more valuable behind-the-scenes information. Find the perfect pieces to express your style by trying out various choices. 

Leave These Extra Things at Home

A bridal boudoir shoot is different from wedding photography. Your wedding album is a memory you will share with your children and parents, looking through the pages together. These pictures are memories to share.

On the other hand, your bridal boudoir shoot is for your significant other. It is a gift for their eyes alone.

I emphasize this because these sessions are the times to turn up the heat and be daring. So save the following items for your wedding day.

#1: Bridal Robe

A bride’s robe is used to cover up. That is the opposite of the look we desire in this type of shoot. I do not find wedding robes sexy or sensual for an alluring bridal boudoir shoot. 

Save it for your wedding night so your groom has a gift — your body — to unwrap!

#2: Heels

I prefer to shoot heels only while standing and if necessary. Heels make your legs look longer while accentuating muscle tone in your legs, which can be helpful for some poses. 

But in my opinion, heels are not needed while wearing lingerie and lying on a bed.

#3: Wedding Jewelry

Of course, you’ll likely be wearing your engagement ring (or wedding rings if shooting for an anniversary gift), but there is no need to pack up all your wedding jewelry to bring for this shoot. Save those pieces for your special day. 

#4: Wedding Day Accessories

I believe you should wait and only use your garter and veil for the wedding day. You can still spice up your look with a different garter belt — just leave the bridal white or something blue one home. 

These accessories are romantic, representing innocence associated with purity, virginity, etc. That pureness is not what a bridal boudoir session is about in my studio.

Evgenia Ribinik Studios: Helping Create the Gift of Bridal Boudoir

You are 100% worth this type of luxury experience. Take your time researching different looks to determine the best options for you.

A study shows that the women surveyed enjoy using intimate apparel as it helps them feel:

  • Sexy 
  • Aroused
  • Desired; and
  • Ready for sex

Bridal boudoir pictures can inspire sexual fantasies and may be considered foreplay. They can be the gift that keeps on giving — tantalizing your partner every time they take a peek. 

I am available to walk you through the process, so you experience an exhilarating and inspiring shoot with me in NYC. Together we will review the outfits, poses, and facial expressions for you to use so you are ready to shine for the camera when the time comes. 

Contact me today to learn more if you are ready to be unstoppable — unleash your feminine energy and surrender to the camera. I look forward to discussing the plans for your dream bridal boudoir shoot. 

what to wear to a bridal boudoir shoot