July 20, 2022

When Should I Take Boudoir Photos?

Whether your best friend just shared their beautiful boudoir photos with you, or you’ve just come across an empowering boudoir shoot on social media, you may be wondering, “When should I take boudoir photos of my own?”

Is boudoir for special occasions? When you’re feeling most confident? Are sessions only for brides-to-be? Do you need a reason at all?

When Should You Schedule a Boudoir Shoot?

The answer is: it’s always the perfect time to celebrate YOU! 

Boudoir photography is an incredibly personal experience, and as such, there is no wrong time to book a session. That being said, there are definitely some occasions when a boudoir shoot can be extra special. Here are a few ideas:

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6 Perfect Opportunities to Schedule a Boudoir Session

1. Schedule a Bridal Boudoir Shoot Before Your Wedding Day

A bridal boudoir shoot is a perfect way to pamper yourself before the big day. Wedding planning can be stressful, so treat yourself to a relaxing day of hair and makeup, followed by an empowering photoshoot that will make you feel like an absolute goddess before you walk down the aisle.

Plus, what better way to celebrate your engagement than with gorgeous photos that capture your confidence and joy? You’ll be able to look back on your bridal boudoir shoot for years to come and remember how beautiful and loved you felt in the days leading up to your wedding.

An album of your boudoir photos also makes for a stunning wedding day gift for your partner. They’ll be thrilled to receive such an intimate and romantic gift, and you’ll love seeing their reaction when they open it! Seeing you in such a beautiful and confident light is sure to fill them with love and admiration for their beautiful bride-to-be.

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When to Schedule Your Bridal Boudoir Shoot

The best time to schedule a bridal boudoir shoot is about five to six weeks before your wedding day. Most of the planning should be finalized by this point, so you can relax and enjoy your shoot without stress. You’ll also have plenty of time to receive your photos and have them professionally printed into an album before the big day.

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2. Honor Your Pregnancy with a Maternity Boudoir Session

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life, and it’s the perfect opportunity to honor your changing body with a maternity boudoir session. These shoots are becoming increasingly popular as mothers-to-be embrace their bodies and celebrate the strength and power that comes with carrying a child.

So much of your pregnancy is spent preparing for baby and getting everything ready for their arrival. A maternity boudoir or portrait session is a perfect opportunity to slow down and take some time to connect with your little one in a comfortable setting. These sessions are intimate and highlight the genuine beauty of motherhood. Your photographer will guide you through poses, resulting in stunning photos that capture both the grace and power of pregnancy.

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3. Celebrate a Major Milestone with a Boudoir Shoot

Boudoir is the perfect way to celebrate any significant milestone in your life. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or just accomplished a major personal or professional goal, a boudoir shoot is a unique way to commemorate the occasion. These shoots are all about celebrating YOU, so why not use them to honor your achievements?

You’ll be able to look back on your photos and remember how strong and capable you felt at this moment in your life. Boudoir is a perfect way to document your personal journey and growth through the various chapters of your life.

When Should I Take Boudoir Photos

4. Connect with Your Partner in a Couples Boudoir Session

Couples boudoir is the perfect way to connect with your partner and create some beautiful, intimate photos together. These shoots are all about celebrating your love for each other; creating a truly unique experience that encourages you to be vulnerable and open with one another.

Your photographer will guide you through poses that highlight the connection between you and your partner. These shoots are incredibly romantic, and they’ll leave you feeling more in love with each other than ever before.

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5. Create the Most Romantic Gift with Boudoir Photos

Boudoir photos make for the most incredible romantic gifts for your partner. These photos are special because they show you in an entirely different light – one that is often hidden from the rest of the world. They’re intimate, vulnerable, and absolutely one-of-a-kind.

Your album of boudoir photos serves as a snapshot of you during this moment in your life. It’s a way to freeze time and remember the love, connection, and intimacy you share with your partner. These photos are the perfect way to say “I love you” on any special occasion.

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6. Pamper Yourself with Boudoir for the Ultimate Confidence Boost

When you’re stuck wondering, “When should I take boudoir photos,” sometimes the answer is simply “Whenever you need a confidence boost!” We all have days (weeks, or months) where we just don’t quite feel like our best selves. Whether it’s due to stress, hormones, or just the general ups and downs of life, we all deserve to be pampered and reminded of our own beauty.

What better way to fall in love with yourself again than with a glamorous boudoir session? You’ll be treated to a luxurious day of hair and makeup, followed by a photo shoot designed to make you feel like the absolute goddess you are. When you look at your photos, you’ll see the tremendous beauty that has been there all along.

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Why the Best Time for Boudoir is Now

If you’re still wondering when the best time for boudoir is, the answer is simple: It’s now! No matter what stage of life you’re in, there’s always something to celebrate.

Whether you’re newly engaged and excited for your wedding day, a new momma honoring your changing body, or simply treating yourself to a well-deserved confidence boost, boudoir is the perfect way to commemorate this moment in your life.

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