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October 13, 2017

When should you consider taking boudoir photos?

When to take boudoir photos

“When, oh when to take boudoir photos?” That’s a question I hear quite often! Usually, it’s asked by women who are feeling pretty intimidated with the idea, but who are also excited about the thought of having this unique, empowering experience. So here’s what I tell them.

You should take boudoir photos…

When you want to celebrate you.

When was the last time you did something for yourself? NO – shopping doesn’t count. I mean, when have you done something completely different? Slightly daring? Adventurous? You probably can’t remember it, right? Well, a boudoir photography session is a great way to solve that problem. It’s a simple and unique way to celebrate you!

The most important thing to remember is to hire a professional photographer with plenty of experience taking boudoir photo sessions. They can capture the best images of you that you can be proud of. When you’re swept up with other priorities in life, such as family and career, you don’t often get to celebrate your confident and sexy self. For once, you have to do something for you — and believe me, you’ll thank yourself for it later.

Celebrate you with boudoir photography

Model taking boudoir photos in a NYC hotel

When you want to feel empowered.

This reason is somewhat related to the one above. It might even be a consequential effect of that! When you celebrate yourself – your beauty and your body – you become more empowered. To be honest, your sense of empowerment should not always come from an external stimulus – such as a compliment from your boyfriend, husband, or other people. No — the most significant form of empowerment is that which comes from within. And just braving to do a boudoir photo session can give you that empowerment you’re looking for.

Feel empowered with a boudoir photography session

Braving to do a boudoir photo session can give you the empowerment you're looking for

When you want to celebrate a milestone.

Did something important happen in your life recently? Did you just get engaged? Are you having a baby? Celebrating milestones is one of the top trends in photography these days. A boudoir shoot is a great way to celebrate that milestone in a way that will always be remembered. In fact, boudoir sessions for pregnant women are one of the best ways to celebrate womanhood. Years from now, you’ll look at these photos and be amazed at how meaningful this celebration was.

Celebrate a milestone with a boudoir photoshoot

When you want a great gift for your groom.

If you’re going to tie the knot, what better surprise for your groom than to give him a set of your boudoir photos before the wedding? It will surely make him anticipate that wedding night even more! But more importantly, wedding boudoir photography is a personal kind of gift. While the man you’re about to marry might think you’re beautiful even on your worst hair days, with no makeup, and wearing sweat pants — it’s still good to remind him how hot and gorgeous you are. Most boudoir photographers have their own hair and makeup professionals who can glam you up. He’ll be quite surprised seeing a side of you he’s never seen before!

Boudoir photos make a great groom's gift

Wedding boudoir photography in New York City

Just because.

When to take boudoir photos? Just because! This is one of my favorite reasons. Just because you’re worth it in every way, shape and form! Boudoir is the ultimate gift to yourself. Show yourself how much you love you.

Are you ready to try out a boudoir session?

It’s a decision you won’t regret – I promise! Contact me today and let’s talk. Don’t forget to join my private Facebook group too if you need more inspiration!


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