June 28, 2021

Wondering When To Take Maternity Photos? Read This.

“I hope you’re doing well!” Ms. T said. “My husband and I are expecting our first child in July of this year and I was interested in setting up a maternity boudoir shoot.”

I was super excited to hear from Ms. T again. The first time I met this fabulous woman, she visited my studio for a bridal boudoir shoot. She knew what an amazing gift boudoir photos would make for her husband-to-be at the time. And wow, was he floored by them! Now she was entering a brand new exciting chapter in her life – a baby! What better way to capture it than with a maternity boudoir session?

“I’m just wondering when to take maternity photos,” she said. “How far along should I be?”

This is a question that comes A LOT in my studio.

When to take maternity photos depends on one thing… YOU!

Truth is, there’s really no rule about the best time to do a maternity boudoir shoot. Every woman is different, and you should do the shoot when you feel the most comfortable. If you truly can’t decide, I generally recommend mamas-to-be with singletons taking maternity photos when they’re about 28 to 32 weeks along. For moms expecting twins or more, 26 to 30 weeks works well. During these times, your bump looks full, your hair usually feels thicker and your skin has that oh-so-glowy look. But as I said, every woman has a different pregnancy experience and only you know what works best for you! My goal is that you feel your best, because this day is all about you and making memories that you’ll have for many years to come.

Speaking of making memories… Don’t you think Ms. T looks absolutely dreamy in these gorgeous shots?

When to take maternity photos
maternity photos in nyc
nyc maternity boudoir
A maternity photoshoot in Brooklyn, NY
A mom-to-be posing for maternity photos
maternity boudoir photographer

Another question Ms. T asked me was if she could bring her hubby along to do some photos with her. My answer: Of course! I love helping to create a private and gorgeous atmosphere for couples to relax and pose together.

maternity photos with husband

I know that these two will make incredible parents and I’m so thankful that they trusted me to take these photos. I wish them all of the best as they embark upon the greatest adventure of all time – parenthood!

Ready to book YOUR maternity boudoir shoot?

Contact me and let’s come up with some amazing maternity photo ideas to remember this special time in your life!




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