July 16, 2021

Wondering Where To Buy Boudoir Outfits? Read My Top Picks.

Nothing spices up your wardrobe like some sensual lingerie. Even if you’re staying home more because of the pandemic, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear something fabulous under your sweatpants, pajamas, or leggings. I honestly have a hard time narrowing down my favorite lingerie brands, but there’s a few I love so much, I have them available for clients to use for boudoir photos at my studio. If you’re wondering where to buy boudoir outfits, here’s a little peak at my top picks!


Bluebella lingerie is designed for the spirited and style-conscious woman. Founded in 2005, this brand has been helping redefine the lingerie industry by offering an inclusive range of undergarments to suit everyone’s needs. Featuring timeless sets with a unique haute couture aesthetic, it’s obvious why Bluebella is a favorite when it comes to lingerie in my studio.

Bluebella lingerie
Model wearing Bluebella lingerie
Plus size model wearing Bluebella lingerie
Bluebella boudoir lingerie worn at a boudoir shoot
where to buy boudoir outfits online

Playful Promises

When you’re choosing where to buy boudoir outfits, don’t forget about Playful Promises. They offer lingerie pieces in all types of sizes ranging from size 4 to 26. The company is known for its flirty lingerie designs that are guaranteed to make you feel cute, sexy, and bold. As one of the most diverse, body-friendly lingerie brands, Playful Promises has something for just about every woman. Whether you’re looking for a true old-school, full-coverage lingerie set or boudoir lingerie that’s more revealing, you’ll find it at Playful Promises.

Honey Birdette

Outfits from Playboy-affiliated lingerie brand Honey Birdette are everything you would expect them to be – provocative, bold, and sexy. The brand exudes quality and luxury. Unlike many lingerie brands which are now focusing on meeting the needs of plus-size women, Honey Birdette is all about petite curvy women who have a hard time finding something that fits just right. With a true-to-size fit, Honey Birdette lingerie is the perfect choice for women looking for ultra sexy boudoir lingerie.

Honey Birdette lingerie
Boudoir model wearing Honey Birdette
Honey Birdette lingerie at a NYC boudoir shoot

Agent Provocateur

If you are looking for the ultimate boudoir lingerie, outfits from Agent Provocateur are a must-have. The high-end brand features classic and stunning designs with premium-feel touches. When it comes to fit, some sets may run smaller. But that doesn’t make this brand any less flattering or fabulous!

Agent Provocateur boudoir lingerie
Model wearing Agent Provocateur
where to buy boudoir outfits
NYC model wearing Agent Provocateur at a boudoir session

Have you decided where to buy boudoir outfits? Now get ready to book your shoot!

When you’re at a boudoir shoot, there’s really no rules about what you should wear. After all, lingerie is a very personal decision. Whether you prefer something ultra-strappy or or you just want to feel comfortable, the choice is totally up to you. I only want to see every woman I photograph feel sexy and confident in her body, so she can be her true authentic self. Contact me today and lets plan some amazing outfits for your boudoir shoot!




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