October 26, 2018

Why Do A Boudoir Session? It’s All About Empowerment, Darling!

evgenia boudoir

The fact that you’re reading this means that a doing boudoir shoot has you a tiny bit interested! So what’s your reason for wanting to take sensual, classy photos? Are you planning to give them to your significant other for your anniversary? Are you looking to rekindle your romance with your other half? Or have you been feeling kind of down about yourself lately, and you hope boudoir can help you feel good again? If you fall into this last category, more power to you! The decision to do something amazing for yourself is the first step to getting your power back.


why do a boudoir session


Let’s face it… we women often have a hard time spoiling ourselves. We work, we raise families, and we just don’t have a lot of time. Sometimes it feels like we’re being selfish to take any time off at all. And when we do sneak in a few private minutes, we often look in the mirror and feel critical of ourselves. Sometimes we wish we didn’t even look in the first place. Sound familiar? This… after all of the incredible things we do! We fail to see that we’re beautiful, and in that, we fail ourselves.

You may not be as successful in a job or in love as you’d like to be. You may be finding too many gray hairs and wrinkles. Your body may not be feeling its best. Maybe you’re trying hard to lose weight and are struggling. We all have struggles – no one is an exception. And when you feel down about them, it’s easy to think back to the “good old days” when you were younger, stronger, thinner, happier. When you felt empowered. You’d do just about anything to get that feeling back, wouldn’t you?



But, Ladies, you need to realize that taking back your power doesn’t mean going back in time. It’s about doing what you can now to change your perspective. And it’s about looking ahead with a new sense of purpose. This is why doing a boudoir shoot is tremendously powerful. Finding the ability to let go of your inhibitions is where your true power lies. Boudoir allows you to be yourself without the fear of being judged. Once you try it, you’ll be shocked to see how it can help you both physically and mentally.


Take back your power with boudoir!

At the end of the day, a boudoir shoot enables you to be a little bit selfish. It allows you to spend time with the person who matters most: YOU. After all, if you don’t take care of yourself, how can you take care of anyone else? When you feel good, your loved ones will feel good too. Maybe you don’t have a lot of time to spare… but a session is every bit worth it. Contact me, and let’s make the present so good that the old you would feel jealous!




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