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November 22, 2021

Why YOU Should Do A Luxury Portrait Photography Session

There are pictures, and then there is photography.

A picture is what anyone can take on their phone, while a photograph is a piece of art created through the artistic eye of a photographer.

To me, photography is so much more than an image. It creates a scene, sets a mood, and captures a moment in time. There are plenty of reasons to have a luxury portrait photography session, and here are my favorites…

My Top Reasons to Do a Luxury Photography Session


If you’re interested in modeling or acting, you’re selling a look. Having a high-quality photoshoot done sells the fact that you can model high-class clothing or play the role of a billionaire!

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Job Searches

When you’re applying for a new job, the first thing every recruiter will see is your picture. Whether you put it on your resume or your LinkedIn profile, you want to look your absolute best. A luxury photoshoot not only captures your best angles but also hints to your future employers that you’re successful and confident. 

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Celebrate a Milestone

Sometimes you reach key moments in life that you want to have immortalized in some way. Whether it’s a special birthday or a big job promotion, doing it in luxury will remind you how momentous the occasion was. 

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Celebrate Your Partner

If there’s one thing to know about me, it’s that I love to celebrate love. A luxury photoshoot in my Brooklyn studio is a perfect way to celebrate your love now and remember it forever.

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Celebrate Your Baby

It’s often said that a pregnant woman has a certain glow about her. Capture that glow with a maternity photoshoot that shows how beautiful you are and how excited you feel about the future.

maternity portrait

The Impact a Luxury Photoshoot Will Make

You’ll Have More Confidence

Sometimes to manifest something, you only need the confidence to see it through. Seeing yourself in these photos as someone you may not even recognize at first will give you the confidence to make the person in the pictures come to life.

You’ll Feel Gorgeous

Having professional hair and makeup done before your shoot will make you feel amazing, and this will show in your photos.

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You’ll Have More Fun

Traditional portraits are fine, but they can be a little boring. A luxury photo shoot isn’t just getting your picture taken; it’s an experience that will wow you. You’ll feel so incredible and it will show on your face… making for some of the best pictures of your life!

You’ll Create Memories

There’s something to be said for creating memories that will last forever. You won’t just be taking pictures of yourself… you’ll be capturing a moment in time that you can share with future generations. 

Ready to book your luxury portrait photography session with me?

Here’s a little bit about what you’ll experience at your luxury photo shoot:

Hair, Makeup, and a Closet Full of Outfits

If you’d really like to treat yourself to some pampering, my amazing hair and makeup artist is here for you. For the ladies, I also have a wardrobe filled with luxourous outfits for you to try on.

The Experience

As a top boudoir photographer in NYC, I’ve spent years empowering women and making them feel comfortable in their skin… all while capturing beautiful photographs. 

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Book Now

There’s a chill in the air here in New York, and the upcoming new year is the perfect time to book a luxury photography shoot! If you’re ready to create glamorous images for work or play, contact me today.

I look forward to meeting you and creating fabulous luxury portraits that show how beautiful you are inside and out!