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July 5, 2023

Will I Regret Not Taking Maternity Photos?

Maybe you don’t love your pregnant body, or you just don’t love being pregnant.

Or maybe you’ve never seen classy maternity photos that don’t make the expectant mom look like anything more than just an oversized belly.

As much as you believe that pregnancy should be celebrated, getting up the nerve to pose in front of a camera doesn’t always come easy. 

Are you on the fence about whether to have maternity pictures taken? 

Discover why you won’t regret taking maternity photos, reasons to do a maternity boudoir shoot, and where to go for classy, one-of-a-kind boudoir photos in New York City. 

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What Does Maternity Boudoir Mean?

A maternity boudoir photo shoot is an artistic photo session in which a pregnant woman wears lingerie or other belly-revealing clothing that highlights her transforming body. 

Maternity boudoir photos document how incredible, powerful, and truly beautiful a woman is during her journey bringing new life into this world. 

A maternity boudoir photo session can boost your confidence, help you connect with your incredible body, and create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

I’m Evgenia Ribinik, a professional boudoir photographer in New York City. While I specialize in couple’s sessions, portraiture, and women’s boudoir, maternity boudoir photos are some of my favorite shoots. 

Let me capture the beauty and power of your pregnancy with an intimate maternity boudoir photo session in my private NYC studio. 

Schedule your photo shoot today.

will i regret not taking materinty photos

What Does a Maternity Shoot Look Like?

At Evgenia Ribinik Studios, your maternity boudoir photo shoot is all about you. 

The first thing I’ll do when you book a session with me is to send you my exclusive Boudoir Pinterest Guide which gives you tons of creative, fun ideas for hair, makeup, lingerie, and boudoir poses.

Next, we’ll spend time talking about what you love (or don’t love) about boudoir photos. We discuss hair and makeup — two critical elements for getting amazing photos. While I always recommend having my professional stylist do your hair and makeup before your photo shoot, you’re always welcome to use your own artist if you prefer. 

Once the day of your session arrives, be ready to have the time of your life!

If you’re feeling a bit nervous, have no fear. I’ve been doing this for years and know what it takes to put you completely at ease. 

We’ll have a wardrobe consultation, and if you’d like, you can choose from my closet filled with professionally cleaned outfits perfect for your shoot. After you’ve selected just the right outfits, I’ll demonstrate some poses and will coach you throughout the session so you know exactly what to do to get the look you’re after.

My goal is to send you home empowered, with a heart full of memories and photos that will be cherished for a lifetime.

maternity boudoir photoshoot

6 Reasons You Won’t Regret Taking Maternity Photos

#1: Maternity Photos Help You Remember Your Pregnancy

Most pregnancies have their ups and downs, but pregnancy is so much more than stretch marks and swollen ankles. Not being able to relive their most amazing pregnancy memories through maternity photos is something a lot of moms regret.

While you may feel like you’re going to be pregnant forever, the reality is that you’ll go from “pregnant” to “postpartum” before you know it. And sooner than you think, it will be hard to even imagine you were actually even pregnant at all. 

That’s where maternity boudoir photos come in! 

They’re the perfect way to capture the best parts of your pregnancy, so you can remember yourself as the radiant, graceful, goddess you really are. 

#2: You Can Share Your Maternity Photos With Your Child

Having a professional maternity boudoir photo shoot is a beautiful gift you can give your little bundle of joy before they’re even born. 

Children (and adults) love looking through family photos. Giving your child pictures of you carrying them in your belly, filled with love and basking in the glow of pregnancy, will only strengthen the bond between you. 

And someday, when your child passes these photos down to their own child, the gift will just go on and on.

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#3: You Can Share Your Maternity Photos With Your Partner

You have a new life growing inside you. You feel every flutter (and kick in the ribs.) But your partner is on the outside of the experience, looking in. 

Another fantastic reason why to do a maternity boudoir shoot is to help you and your partner feel more connected. You can choose to do the session together or include your partner in a few of the shots. However, if you’d rather do solo pictures, no guilt. 

And not only can a maternity shoot strengthen the bond between the two of you, but it can also help solidify the bond between your partner and child. 

#4: Maternity Photos Are a Gift to Yourself

Whether you are already a mom, or soon to become one, in the near distant future the bulk of your time will be absorbed by having to put your baby’s needs first. 

And even after the first few months of your baby’s life, it can be all too easy to simply stay in the “others first” mode — letting years go by without ever doing something just for you. 

Break that cycle before it even begins by treating yourself to a maternity boudoir photo shoot. 

Taking the time to make self-care a priority right from the start will help you be the best mom — and “you” — you can be.

#5: You Can Choose What Your Maternity Photos Look Like

If you think that the only option for maternity photos is a shoot that gives off a Glamour Shots vibe, think again.

Maternity photos don’t have to be cheesy, and they go way beyond the “heart hands” over your growing belly photo.

At Evgenia Ribinik Studios, you choose the vibe for your maternity photo shoot.

Do you have lingerie you love and want to wear for your shoot? Bring it along! If you have no idea what to wear for a maternity photo shoot, that’s fine too. Evgenia has an entire closet that’s filled with gorgeous outfits for bodies of every size and shape that are just calling your name.

Do you want your photos to be revealing, or do you prefer to have a little more modest shoot?

Whether you know exactly what you want your photos to look like or have absolutely no clue, Evgenia will guide you through your maternity photo shoot every step of the way.

will i regret not taking materinty photos

#6: Maternity Photos Help Commemorate This Pregnancy

Whether this is your first baby or your last, every pregnancy is a unique experience, and you will never again have the opportunity to capture images of this incredibly special time in your life. 

But what if you’re feeling miserable and can’t wait to get this pregnancy over with?

Even if you don’t love being pregnant, it’s still a fascinating process and chances are that once it’s all said and done you’ll be grateful to have photographs to commemorate this stage in your, and your child’s life.

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Why Do a Maternity Boudoir Shoot? 3 Reasons to Book 

#1: Maternity Boudoir Photos Can Help You Feel More Confident During Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of growth in every area of your life. 

But between the weight gain, puffy ankles, and boobs that feel twice their normal size, pregnancy may leave many women feeling a little less than confident in their growing bodies. 

Having a maternity boudoir photo shoot is the perfect way to prove to yourself that your body is still gorgeous and sexy — even while it’s growing another human.

Your shoot and photos will make you feel strong and empowered and, likely, downright impressed with yourself at your ability to carry a baby human.

#2: To Capture You — And Your Growing Family — At That Moment

Whether your current family equals just you and your partner, or you are already a proud parent, your family is gaining a new member. 

And that’s just one more great reason to do a maternity boudoir shoot. 

If you choose to, someday, you’ll be able to share your maternity photos with your child to let them know just how excited you were to welcome them into your heart and home.

#3: A Maternity Shoot Can Mean More Than the Photos

While your maternity photos will reveal the truth about your beautiful body, the significance of a maternity boudoir shoot can go much deeper than just the photos.

Have you struggled to conceive? 

Has life been unkind, and you finally feel like you’re in a place of peace and hope?

With all the imperfections and troubles life can throw at you, a maternity photo shoot can remind of the blessings life has to offer and just how far you’ve come.

Don’t miss out on giving yourself and your body the credit you deserve. 

maternity boudoir photos

Let Your Journey to Motherhood Shine in a Maternity Boudoir Photoshoot With Evgenia Ribinik Studios 

While some regrets in life are inevitable, not taking maternity photos shouldn’t be one of them.

Your pregnancy is a once-in-a-lifetime event. 

Capture the beauty and uniqueness with maternity photos by Evgenia Ribinik Studios.

My private studio in New York City is designed with your comfort in mind. From the moment you arrive at your maternity photo shoot, you will be pampered down to the most minute detail.

Whether you’re looking naive and innocent, or a bit more raw and edgy, your images will be unique and one-of-a-kind — just like you. 

Are you ready to say yes to a maternity boudoir photo shoot?

Book your session today. 

will i regret not taking materinty photos