July 13, 2018

Yes, You’re Worth It!

Low self-esteem is the worst. And oh, how it loves to lurk in the shadows. Until one day, you wake to find that your personal or professional life is suffering because you’ve lost the ability to see your value. Low self esteem affects how you project yourself. It affects how you allow others to treat you. It affects everything. But I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to put up with it anymore. Why? Because, darling, you’re worth it!

This week, I’d like you to focus on some simple ways to remind yourself of your true worth. These things will help you appreciate just how amazing you are.


#1: Be With People Who Appreciate You

The people that you spend most of your time with can affect your disposition in life. So start spending more time with people who allow you to be yourself and who love you for who you really are. Be with people who encourage you to see your worth instead of making you feel inferior.


You're worth it

An intimate photography session in Brooklyn

#2: Avoid Toxic Relationships

In order to learn how to appreciate yourself, sometimes you have to distance yourself from people who make you question your self-worth. If people are not treating you the way you deserve to be treated, it may be time to cut them from your life. Is a certain friendship making you feel anxious all of the time? Do you feel the need to constantly validate yourself in a relationship? Maybe it’s time to reconsider if it’s worth being around people who make you feel this way.


A woman posing for boudoir photos in NYC

Industry City boudoir photography


#3: Write a “Have-Done” List

In this day and age when most people lead hectic lifestyles, a never-ending “to-do” list has become a part of life. I suggest you turn that “to do” list into a “have-done” list instead. List out all of the incredible things you have done over the last few years. Make it a habit to look at this list, too. You’ll develop a sense of pride as you watch the list grow. It’s so important to be reminded of your accomplishments every once in a while, as they’ll inspire you to keep going and achieve even more!


The perfect boudoir prop

Getting sexy at a boudoir shoot


#4: Unplug

Scrolling through social media feeds on Instagram or Facebook has become a part of life. However, this daily (or even hourly) habit is also a surefire way to tank your self worth. This is especially true for individuals who are prone to comparing themselves to others. If this sounds familiar, spend a few days (or even just one weekend) unplugging. I love social media myself, and realize that it’s not going away any time soon. But if you’re constantly using it to look at other people’s lives, it won’t help your self esteem. Spend time with actual people instead of just connecting with them virtually. Go out and live a little bit more, and reap the benefits!


A boudoir model posing near a window

A sexy boudoir pose

#5: Meditate

Meditation is amazing if you’re looking to reconnect with yourself on a different level. Even a short meditation of about 15 minutes per day can give your confidence a boost. Find a comfortable spot and close your eyes. Release all of the tension and shut out any noise from the outside. Inhale and exhale. Let go of any form of self doubt and focus on things that foster self love. Just focus on you and nothing else. Make this meditation practice a part of your daily routine.


Up close and personal at a NY boudoir shoot

A fun time taking boudoir photos

#6: Make Time for Self Care

When was the last time you had some ‘me time’? Do something fun for yourself once in a while. Sign up for a cooking class. Get a massage appointment. Go for a hike or swim. Book a boudoir photography session and place your beautiful photos in an album. These are some of the things that you can try to rediscover yourself. Never be afraid to spend time on your own and do something to indulge yourself.

Which tips will you try this week? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Until next week…