As a New York boudoir photographer, I have one priority on the day of your shoot – and that’s to make you feel totally at ease! I call my studio the “judgment-free zone”. It’s a place where women of all ages, shapes and sizes wear and do whatever makes them feel their best. Just take a look at my boudoir gallery images and see for yourself.

Feel unstoppable, like the women in my boudoir gallery!

“Doing a boudoir shoot was something I had thought about for quite a while… at first not seriously,” my recent client, Ms. I, told me. “I was just checking out a few photographers’ galleries and thinking ‘There’s no way I can do that.’ You can always make a million excuses. I’m not in shape, I’m too old, I hate my hair, I’m too self conscious. But after months of thinking about it, researching it, and telling myself why I couldn’t do it, I found your site and something clicked. I thought maybe I can do that!”

And she did do it! Taking intimate photos, like the ones in this boudoir gallery, can be scary. I won’t lie! I know firsthand, because I have been in front of the camera myself. But the interesting thing is that the most nerve-wracking part is the time before the photoshoot… when you worry about whether or not you can actually do it. But once you overcome your initial fear and arrive at the boudoir studio, everything you worried about simply fades away. In the place of fear, you feel empowered, unstoppable, and like you can conquer the world. It’s the best feeling ever, and one that every woman should experience.

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