April 8, 2019

You Sexy Mama: Pregnancy Boudoir Photos With Ms. K.

One of my sweetest friends, Ms. K., recently asked me to take pregnancy boudoir photos for her. I was absolutely delighted and honored to capture this special time in her life. I must say that Ms. K. always looks gorgeous… but pregnancy has certainly taken it up a notch. She has an ethereal glow about her these days, and we had such an incredible time capturing it!

The coolest part about the whole session, though, is that Ms. K. knows an awful lot about boudoir sessions… being that she’s my super-awesome makeup and hair artist! Her work with our clients is always absolutely stunning, and as you can see, so is she!

Ms. K’s pregnancy boudoir session turned out to be so glamorous and sensual. A sexy red gown. A satiny, smooth lilac sheet. Some soft denim jeans. We packed the time with wardrobe changes galore! And it was so much fun.

To any mamas-to-be out there: I know you may not be feeling your best. You may be feeling totally uncomfortable and – even worse – insecure about the changes going on with your body. But don’t let this time pass you by without capturing it. Before you know it, you’ll be holding your little one in your arms and you’ll be so busy that pregnancy will feel like a distant memory. You may be thinking “I can’t wait!” But, cherish these moments. Use a pregnancy boudoir session to slow things down a bit… to capture the anticipation and excitement that you feel right now.

And if you’re feeling like an extra sexy mama, why not bring along your honey too? Ms. K. did, and I will let the photos speak for themselves…

Ready to book your pregnancy boudoir session?

Let me help you feel amazing during the most special time in your life! Contact me today and let’s talk about what we can do to make your boudoir session extra special.

PS. As of this post, Ms. K. gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! Congratulations, my dear friend!




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